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CHRIST and Circumcision: The Spiritual Significance.

Hello everyone. So I’ve been doing a personal bible study journal and it’s been awesome. I was reading Romans 4,when I stormed on the word Circumcision. I couldn’t go forward without getting to understand what Apostle Paul was talking about. I prayed and the Holy Spirit led me. I did some research and added up.… Continue reading CHRIST and Circumcision: The Spiritual Significance.


Keeping a Bible Study Journal

Hello everyone. It’s a new week, and I’m so excited. Firstly, we’re in the Resurrection week which started with the Palm Sunday. This period talks about Christ’s purpose on earth coming to fulfillment, the reason why we enjoy Grace today. Secondly, I’m supposed to go on what we Nigerians call NYSC. It’s a call to… Continue reading Keeping a Bible Study Journal