New Beginnings (2)

“When God says He is making all things new,it is important you take your mind off your abilities and fix it on God’s omnipotence. Don’t get it twisted God is the one making all things new. It’s not so about you, but Him.


Many times we are tempted to run off in our own strength and try to bring it to pass. Of course, we have a part to play. You must raise your expectations, and you must change your perspective. Even though in the final analysis, it is God who makes the word come to pass. If you will see new things in this season, you must raise your faith. You cannot place the old things before your eyes and expect new things. You must partner with God by confessing the word and agreeing with it everyday. Stop the old, engage new habits, upgrade yourself, work on new skills etc… Let go of the old and embrace the new.


Every time something new comes, it’s with additional responsibilities. So you must be ready, like never before decide to rely on God, rest on His word, listen for His instructions and follow His directives. When you live like this, the pressure is off you. You can’t do all things on your own, but the story is different when you route things through Christ. Remember you’re not the one making all things new, God is…”


Excerpt from a message by Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo (COZA).

Oh well, this is quite expository…starting afresh can be challenging especially when we just got out of a “bad end” or a “bad before”. It would seem as if nothing new can happen to us; like we’re stuck with the old, there are some of us that can’t see the sun, any hope of a new life, a better life…be encouraged! I for one, used to believe that i’d never get out of the old, (a lie the enemy told me and kept me entraped in) due to some re-occurring set backs i experienced but then the Word of God came and i chose to believe in God’s word, for His word doesn’t return to Him unaccomplished (Isa 55:11) and then the new started to spring forth…


Whatever it is, i believe it will come to pass; don’t be afraid to start afresh it can be challenging at first; but in the end when we trust God and faint not it’s worth every move and step.

Love to hear from you,



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