He held and shook her violently.
She stared back at him with her eye balls moving like a swinging pendulum.
She has been shaken by a lot of things in her life. She remembered the accident. The accident that shook her as a child but killed her parents. Life became a roller coaster ride after that incident and it seemed to stop at Dikwa; a village where she lived with her grandmother. It was at this village the bombs shook her. An Islamic sect attacked Dikwa and whisked her and other girls into a pickup van, blindfolded them and drove them into the forest. There she met Hussein. After rounds of marriage to the sect’s members and subsequent burials of her husbands, she was handed over to a new recruit. He had the same passion as the others but he was different. Hussein felt different because he always told her he loved her. He never said it when she made his meals and served him or when she washed his clothes and cleaned his boots. He only said it at the epilogue of a violent sex. It was as if he was human for a few seconds and would mutter it under his breath like he was owning up to a weakness. That was enough for her.


Hussein had other ways he showed her love apart from saying he loved her. He would rape her and this made her wonder, why would he still forcefully take what she was giving without a fight? He loved to grab her neck and shake her violently. She was used to being shaken. It was normal for her to be moved without her consent; to be shaken till she is dizzy. It was normal. So when he held her this morning and  shook her violently, she stared back at him with her eye balls moving like a swinging pendulum. He flung her to the ground and walked away. She picked herself up like she normally do and went on with her domestic chores. Distant bombing and gunfire reminded her of the rumours of late, about the army getting close to the camp. As she listened to the bomb sounds from afar, she did not notice Hussein standing nearby. He dragged her by surprise and took her to the room. After he was done, he said it again. With his head bowed in shame, he told her he loved her. She laid on the mat with finger marks and a swollen eye, she still smiled for a second; enjoying her moment of fleeting love. He stood up and walked outside, to later return with a bulletproof like vest. He said he bought it for her. Her love moments were lasting longer than she imagined. She smiled in the most concealing manner as she got up to receive her gift.
“You will wear it and go into town, then you will pull the thread-like trigger and shout “God is great” “. She listened attentively as he gave her instructions on how to wear and use her ‘new dress’ .
Later that night, she was a thousand pieces as the news headlines talked about how she shook the world.

When I first read this story I cried… This shouldn’t be. Terrorism and Violence is a NO… It’s not accepted and we mustn’t get involved no matter how much we’re paid or brainwashed. I pray that God will heal our land, comfort those who are suffering from the after effects of violence and may the Holy Spirit convert and convince those in these acts. Amen…


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