Keeping a Bible Study Journal

Hello everyone.

It’s a new week, and I’m so excited. Firstly, we’re in the Resurrection week which started with the Palm Sunday. This period talks about Christ’s purpose on earth coming to fulfillment, the reason why we enjoy Grace today. Secondly, I’m supposed to go on what we Nigerians call NYSC. It’s a call to serve our nation after graduation from the university. Oh well, I’ve been hoping it would be postponed and yes! It was, yay! Lol…

Alright guys, I attended Bible study on Wednesday last week and our senior pastor encouraged us to keep a daily Bible study journal. Oh well I do keep a journal and trust me it helps. So I thought “why not start keeping a daily Bible study journal”? And so from Thursday I took out time, conscious time and effort to study God’s word and write it down in a journal and believe me it’s been wonderful; I always look forward to it. With the help of the Holy Spirit, understanding comes my way and some deep truth have been revealed to me. It’s not something I wanna stop doing now seeing how exciting it is. I’ve also discussed with some friends and we’ve shared some truth…
I wanna encourage everyone to start up a daily Bible study journal. Not just reading daily, but writing down it really helps. You can always go back there for emphasis,once something is written down it somehow sticks in the mind unlike what you just read.
I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth…

God’s blessings always.


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