Crush Chronicles

I sat down at the reception; legs crossed and eyes darting at my watch; I have to quickly see the gynaecologist and get back to the office. Last week’s tour was a productive one, and it was today the Board of directors wanted a review, but why? This same tour is the reason I’m here, I shouldn’t have used that toilet, Tina cautioned me on the use of public places, but the toilet looked clean na. Kai! I had danced to the rhythm of the music playing beneath my thighs through the weekend and I had had enough. Hospital smell aren’t exactly my favourite fragrance – with the sharp antiseptic smell that cuts through your nose like a razor. Whew!

Just then a nurse passed by
“Please,” I said with the voice of a dying person. “I need to see a doctor, I know today’s booked, but I’m already late for an appointment.” I pulled up my face and did my best immitation of a needy hopeless person.
She looked at me with pity, took my file and entered a room. She came out almost immediately. “The doctor would call you soon”
“Thank you very much”
Minutes later I was called in “Miss Ifeoma, please come in”
Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief. I walked into the room and froze….


I just stood there in shock, this can’t be happening!!!
“Wow, Ifeoma Chineme, if someone told me I’d be seeing you today, I’d say it’s a lie.”
OMG!!! There sat Dele, Dr dee, my profound crush of life. Ahh, not today…

I remember the first day I sighted him, I was new in fellowship and that was a thanksgiving service, we danced and danced, minutes before the praise ended the drummer decided to wow us and that’s when I noticed him, his strong muscles trumping hard on the drums, sweat dripping down his black skin and my, such cute gap teeth paving way like the beautiful express roads of Maitama. I literally stopped dancing and was just moping, then he stopped the drums and got up, his height was perfect, my ideal height in a man..
Kevwe and I discussed him on our way back to the hostel,
“Omo that brother er is on point”
“As in eh, e sabi play o” Kevwe said.
“I danced ehn, so tey dance dey dance me”
That was the beginning of the crush theory 101…

“Dr Dee,wow such a pleasant surprise” It wasn’t, it just wasn’t. How will I face my crush and tell him what I’ve been infected with, Huh?! The first time he’s seeing me after university is with this? After all my packaging. No way!!! I must devise a means of escape.
“How’re you doing, please sit down”
“Thanks” Think ify, think, you’re a sharp Igbo babe.
“What have you been up to lately?”
“Oh well, career focused, I’m a project manager now”
“Wow, that’s something huge, especially for a lady. Heard it’s quite tough but you’ve always been a hardworking smart lady”
I gushed. He’s still a sweet gentleman but I’ve got to focus on a way out.
“Thanks o Dr Dee, how about you?”. An idea came up and I started to ping Kevwe.
“Oh well, I went further to specialize in gynaecology, after my aunt passed on it was a form of motivation for me”
“Kevwe call me ASAP!!!” I typed
“Aww, I’m so sorry for the loss, it’s quite adorable that you decided to bring good out of the bad situation, Nigeria needs alot of young good doctors like you who are passionate about their service to humanity…. ” Hian, why is Kevwe wasting time to call na. Sweat trickled down my face…
“So what brings you here?”
Oh my, the dreaded question is here, what will I say now?!
“Errm, lately I’ve been feeling somehow…”
Just then Kevwe called.
O Chi’m
“So sorry, I’ve got to take this call. It’s my mum”. I lied.
“It’s fine”
“Hello, nne’m good afternoon, how’re you?…. I’m not fine ma, I’m at the doctor’s place sef…… WHAT?! oh no! How did that happen? When? Kai, I’m coming over right away.”
“Is everything okay?”
“Not really, something just came up, it’s my mum. I dunno, but I’ve got to rush” I said with panic in my voice.
“Oh my, what’s the matter? I hope she’s okay”
“I can’t tell, but I’m hoping it’s nothing serious. You know what? Give me your card, I’ll call to book an appointment”
“Okay, Ify” he said,giving me his card “Do take care, it was nice seeing you again”. He flashed that smile.
Ah Dele, I thought seeing you was great but not in this circumstance o.
“Alright Dee. Bye!”
I quickly scampered out of his office. I looked at his card. There was definitely no way I’m calling for an appointment. Kevwe called back.
“Babe, wetin? You scared me o”
“Hmm, no vex I get gist for you, I go yarn you later”
“Mtchew! Werey!” She laughed.
Good riddance!!!

Story by: @amarachukukere
Photo credit: the internet.
N.B: All characters used are fictional

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