PEACE is “An Inside Job”

‘I said, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest” Psalm 55:6 NKJV

THE PSALMIST wrote, ‘Oh, that I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and be at rest’. Have you ever felt that way? Sorry, there’s no escape! Wherever you go – there you are! Peace is an inside job. Oceanographers tell us that even the worst ocean storms rarely extend more than twenty-five feet below the surface. Gales can rip the ocean, causing tidal waves one hundred feet high, but just twenty-five feet below the surface the water is as calm as a pond. The point is: The only place you’ll ever find peace in the midst of life’s storms, is through an in-depth experience with God. Part of God’s purpose in allowing the storms of life blow, is to drive us deeper, deeper into dependence and relationship with Him.


Someone said, ‘God takes life’s broken pieces and gives us unbroken peace’. When you focus on the God who never meets a problem He can’t solve, instead of focusing on the problem you can’t solve, you’ll experience His in-depth peace. And you’ll carry that peace with you wherever you go. Others will notice it and seek your advice when they too face trouble. You see when you know that the God within you reigns above you, you won’t succumb to what’s around you.

Except from TheWordForToday Devotional.

Truth is practicing peace in times like these can be very challenging trust me. This devotional came timely to me, at a point where I was already tired of my current situation, every step I made didn’t look like it, made me doubt my decision making skills πŸ˜₯. Earlier during the week, I got a word “Practice Peace”, but everything around me didn’t look like it, I was going outta cash and I hadn’t accomplished half of what I came to do, then this write-up came and I knew it was a confirmation of what I’d received earlier.


Truth is there are things we can’t presently change, but then focusing on God helps us through it. I’ve been in situations like this in the past but when I remember how God saw me through I’m confident He’ll do it again.
Are you in worry or doubt about a certain situation, we all get in that kinda fix sometimes, focus on God and I pray His peace that passeth all human knowledge will be with us. Amen



Birthday Babe….

Yay!!! It’s my Born Day, yup the day I was brought into this world, and for me birth days are yearly reminders and check lists as to how the year has been, and a to-do-list as to how the New Year would look like. So here in the busy town of Port Harcourt, I’m pondering about the past, present and future and with my current situation believe me, thinking or making plans about the future is a NO NO!!! Speaking of which earlier today, I literally forgot it was my B-Day until the calls started rolling in, (first time ever 😒) and then it hit me, as to how the “important but not-so-important things” in life can blind us from seeing the “important and always-important things” in life. So I decided to switch into the thankful and grateful spirit and forget about whatsoever that was bothering me. Anyways, I’m so excited to see another year despite all the trials and challenges, wasn’t easy but I’m here. This is an evidence of God’s love and Grace in my life. I can’t begin to explain it all but subsequently, I’d be sharing my recovery process to empower someone out there.


A big shout out to my B-Day mate Chinaza Isamade (drama king); the first day I realized we share the same birth day I screamed, dunno why I did but I’m guessing it’s because of the way we connected the very first day we met, and his sense of humor just got me, Naza naza, my personal Chinaa, my smallie biggie, I celebrate you… This goes out to all May 18 babies, you’re loved!!!


My friends and family members; wow what can I say. You see God brings people your way whether you believe it or not, He sends angels in form of human beings to encourage you, empower you, be there for you, and these people are my friends and loved ones, thank you so much… I can’t start to say it all, but you know how much I value you, whether we’re in the same location or not there’s always this bond 😍😍😍 thanks for standing by me through it all..


My dear blog readers, choi πŸ˜‰ extra love for una, you make writing seem like fun, you help take away the boredom and that’s something to be grateful for biko especially these days, with the way the economy is going, whew! πŸ˜…

My well wishers, thanks for the well wishes oooo 😁😁😁


To the Alpha and Omega, the Name above all names, You are great and everything written about You is great, follow me umu Jisos and give Glory to God on my behalf 😁😁😁

God bless you all, and always read my blog o, Ehen… Ngwa bye…

You must forgive them.

Mark 11:25
“And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

When asked which emotions contribute most to physical illness, a group of eminent doctors said, ‘Anger and unforgiveness’. That’s because over time they release toxins into your body. One doctor said, ‘it’s not what you’re eating but what’s eating you that threatens your health’. When someone hurts you, there are four things you should do:

1) Talk to them. Now, there’s a right time, a right place, and a right way to do it. Before you say anything, ask God to guide your thoughts and words. Then say what’s in your heart in a loving, low-key, non-judgemental way. After that, leave the rest with God. He can do a better job of changing things than you can.


2) Don’t retaliate. When you’re tempted to lash out at someone, stop and remember the price Jesus paid to take away the sins you commit. Seeing your offender through God’s eyes will help you to forgive just about anybody.


3) Let it go. As long as you dwell on the issue it’ll keep hurting you. You may let someone off your hook, but that doesn’t mean they’re off God’s hook. He will deal with them the right way and bring about the right result, which is something you can’t do.


4) Ask God to bless them. You say, ‘Huh?! Are you serious?’. Yes; Jesus said,  ‘Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who ill treat you’re (Luke 6:27-28 NIVUK 2011 Edition). And when Jesus tells you to do something, He gives you the Grace to do it.

Except from TheWordForToday April 2016.

I decided to share this because I believe it’s a daily walk everyone should get involved with. We’ve been hurt by the ones we thought would never hurt us, we’ve been molested by strangers and betrayed by trusted ones or we’ve disappointed ourselves and can’t seem to forgive our own selves of mistakes done, I’ve been there and daily I ask God for this forgiving Grace. I learnt to forgive wrong doings because it brings this unexplainable inner peace,not an easy walk, but I started it and God has been faithful. I encourage everyone to join me in this walk of forgiveness. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.
Trust me there’s freedom in release…