I’m in love with a soldier…

May 20, 2016 | A Story 


I’m in love with a soldier, and I no know who send me message!

It all started out as a joke
“Soldiers are hawt!” Ify said.
“Soldiers are soldiers” I replied.

Soldiers are definitely soldiers. Hard hearted, mean and annoying. They think they have the power to do whatever they like. Who cares about them!!! 

Oh well, not until I met him….
I sighted him from a distance, he just stood out from the others, and as he approached the skin on his bones danced to the rhythm of his steps; and his chest, oh my, they vibrated, the way I like my men; his abs stuck to his uniform like they were made for each other. His face, though firm with after maths of the war, gave relief to a soul, and as he smiled to a colleague, I felt heaven give me a hug….
“Otondo!!! He said calling out to us, “double up!”.
The rhythm of his voice left a lasting memory, I thought it was just a normal thing, until every being of mine longed to see him again. See seven red moons will come and go before I go head over heels for a man (You might call me Olumo rock, tenkiu, is it your rock?!) so the eagerness to see him again felt awkward.

I lay on my bed, tossing here and there, it’s lights out but my inner lights aren’t out. Whew! Who gimme work na, I came to serve my fatherland as I was told, and not this, whatever it is…

I’m in love with a soldier, and I no know who send me message o!

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