Summer Holidays…

July 26, 2016 | Vacae is Here 

It’s the holiday season.

I don’t know why I’m emphasizing so much on it, maybe it’s because I’m on holidays too 😀.
Oh well, I remember those days when I’d come home and want to attend a summer school program other than extra lessons, like for earth sake I just finished 3 months of endless learning, don’t need me some extra but my mum would say “You know it’s just to prepare you for the next academic year”. Whew! I know right?!
Fast-forward to this jet age where everything and everyone is on the go.  Awesome ideas are being created to improve the standard of living, innovations are on-going to change the world, etc. Gone are the days when it’s just private tutoring or computer lessons that children or adults on holidays can engage themselves in, now we see other summer school programs especially skill acquisition platforms. Notwithstanding the usefulness of the tutoring and IT classes, helping a child discover his talent on time is a necessity in preparing him for the future.
This is why I’ve researched and seen that there are lots of programs going on to engage kids this holiday season. I decided to talk about some of them.

Andel’s Academy

Andel’s Academy owned by the gracious Kimberly Oyiboka, is an institution where individuals learn the fundamentals of music. Andel’s Academy is offering musical courses on piano, saxophone, drums etc. Registration is on for children of all ages.
Location: 6,Akinsemoyin Street, off Bode-Thomas, Sururlere.
Phone No: 07016820508, 08101592656
Visit their website and facebook page


Belkayphine Accessories

Belkayphine accessories is a bead company owned by the beautiful Nkechi Njoku, a college mate. She has so inspired me over the years with her love for beads. She’s committed and dedicated in seeing others improve themselves. She’s putting up a skill acquisition program for not just the kids but adults too. Here one can learn how to be creative with beads. The program will admit kids from ages 10-17. This program according to Nk will engage the children and adults in a positive way and bring out the creativity in them.
Location: Shop HB53 Kaura Modern Market, Abuja.
You can follow her on instagram @belkayphine_accessories


There’s something to do this holiday season, so just don’t sit at home, eat and sleep all day. Engage yourself wisely. Take an exercise routine, do a professional course, go for retreats and camping, visit mission fields, write a book, just do something gainful. For those traveling I have goodies for you, yup, I’d be writing some vacation tips soon, stay glued….



The Communion

July 20, 2016 | Personal Notes. 

Happy Holidays…

I’m so excited because the holidays are here, it’s a time to relax and do some other fun/lucrative things.

So I’ve been reading the book “GOOD MORNING, HOLY SPIRIT” by Benny Hinn and today I read something that really opened my eyes and amazed me. I realized that the closure or signing off out of every church service ends with this verse in II Corinthians 13:14; a prayer Paul left the Corinthians with.

“The grace (favor and spiritual blessing) of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the presence and fellowship (the communion and sharing together, and participation) in the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen (so be it)”.

2 Corinthians 13:14 AMP

This I realized is a verse I(We) casually recite; but tends to be the thing, the very vital necessity I(We) need in this journey. I paraphrased thus:

“The Grace of my Lord Jesus Christ

The unfailing, unfathomable Love of my Father,

and the sweet continuous fellowship of the Holy Spirit; will be with me(us), always, Amen”.

Wow!!! Awesome I know.

We all need Grace to see us through in life, and what other joy can we have knowing that God loves us unconditionally that He gave up Christ for us. This love is what gives us the strength to carry on, it’s this same love we extend to others. And now the sweetest of it all, the fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He’s our comforter, teacher, friend, helping us on the way, directing our steps, opening our eyes to mysteries.

According to Benny Hinn “When did we know “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ”? When he died for us. When did we know “the love of God”? When we saw the cross. They both refer to the past. But then we read, “the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all.” I said, “That’s it. The Holy Spirit is here to commune with me(us) and to be with me, now!”

He also tells us about the seven meanings of Communion:-



Sharing together

Participation with




Ever since I got an understanding of this verse, I’ve never stopped confessing it.

I think everyone should get this book and read up.

The Holy Spirit is here and wants to be part of our lives. I too am on this journey, He’s been awesome and I look forward to more…

God’s blessings



July 14, 2016 | A Devotion. 
A word we don’t hear much about today is prudence. It means “careful management: economy.”

In the Bible, prudence, or prudent, means “being good stewards or managers of the gifts God has given us to use.” Those gifts include time, energy, strength and health, even material possessions. They include our bodies, as well as our minds and spirits.
Just as each one of us has been given a different set of gifts, each of us has been given different levels of ability to manage those gifts.

Too many people burn themselves out, constantly using their gifts and abilities in ways that God did not intend them to. Instead of pushing ourselves too hard to please others or reach our own personal goals, we need to listen to God and do what He’s telling us is wise.

Trying to impress people and live up to their standards isn’t prudence. Prudence means asking God how He wants you to use your gifts and then obeying. Learn God’s prudence today and put it into practice so you can enjoy your life the way He intended.

Prayer Starter: God, I desire to be a good steward of all that You’ve given me. I decide now to only use my gifts and abilities for You. Show me how to use them with Your prudence and wisdom.

Devotion by @JoelOsteen

Stay thankful

July 14, 2016 | Personal Notes.  
So it’s that time of year when students go on break and summer school is about to start, I’m here feeling all shades of excited because I’m about to take a break from teaching.
An older teacher walks into my class and starts a conversation with my senior colleague about how faithful God is. Actually her daughter got a job with a big shot hospital without any stress and man-made connections. She said something that hit me “When God wants to do something it happens in a flash”. I couldn’t help but get excited about this news because I could relate to it. After 3 years of waiting for my results it finally showed up in a flash, making every challenge, trial and pain seem like it never existed.

We lift up holy hands in thanks…. Halleluyah Lord!

What surprised me more was as to how my senior colleague was so excited and even advised her to offer God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, it was as though her daughter was the one who got the job.
Which leaves me wondering as to how many times we’ve sincerely thanked God for a testimony in someone else’s life knowing fully well that we aspire to have such a testimony one day. During my years of delay, I got bitter that others were moving forward and I wasn’t but I later learned to thank God in advance for for I expect and rejoice with others.
Well, God is still in the business of doing miracles and breaking protocols, in this era of no jobs we would be singled out for favor, in this economy where the financial markets aren’t favorable we would always have enough for ourselves and others. Keep the thanksgiving spirit alive.



Just An 8 Year Old Boy

Everyday we meet people, we hardly know what’s going on until we strike a honest conversation and then we get to realize the stigma and addictions they’re trying to overcome. I for one have been there, locked up in self-pity and self-hatred, the stigma of not “being clean enough” or “being good enough”. How do we handle such cases?
One thing I’d say is God was faithful to me back then, and still is… We all go through daily battles but we come out more victorious. Be kind to others… Thanks Chi for this piece..


He was just an 8-year old boy

Learning the reason why we need to solve for X as a figure

When Y and Z were the letters that followed.

The XYZ of life was a subject he had been exposed to too young.

While his mates were chasing candies

He was busy shouldering burdens only adults should bear.

Originating from an unstable home

He had a mother figure

But looked up to the countless men

Far from what he wanted, he decided to pick one

Who screamed present

At the wake of the morning

Drenched in sweat from the previous night with his mother.

He was just an 8-year-old boy

Living in the suburbs of the city

In an environment where

Everyone had a father who was consistent with the same face at the cry of a crow.

Unsure of what it felt like to have someone to finally call…

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