Just An 8 Year Old Boy

Everyday we meet people, we hardly know what’s going on until we strike a honest conversation and then we get to realize the stigma and addictions they’re trying to overcome. I for one have been there, locked up in self-pity and self-hatred, the stigma of not “being clean enough” or “being good enough”. How do we handle such cases?
One thing I’d say is God was faithful to me back then, and still is… We all go through daily battles but we come out more victorious. Be kind to others… Thanks Chi for this piece..


He was just an 8-year old boy

Learning the reason why we need to solve for X as a figure

When Y and Z were the letters that followed.

The XYZ of life was a subject he had been exposed to too young.

While his mates were chasing candies

He was busy shouldering burdens only adults should bear.

Originating from an unstable home

He had a mother figure

But looked up to the countless men

Far from what he wanted, he decided to pick one

Who screamed present

At the wake of the morning

Drenched in sweat from the previous night with his mother.

He was just an 8-year-old boy

Living in the suburbs of the city

In an environment where

Everyone had a father who was consistent with the same face at the cry of a crow.

Unsure of what it felt like to have someone to finally call…

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