I’m in love with a soldier 3

August 27, 2016 | A Story. 
I’m in love with a soldier and I no know who send me message!!!

“Don’t give up the ship”

“Damn the torpedoes and full speed!”

“That’s some of the expression we use during the war,” he said, “In life, you must always be prepared to face the enemy, don’t ever loose your guard, be committed to fighting a cause, whatever it be, ours is to protect the country from insecurities….”

Tonight was our bonfire and as I listened to him address members of my platoon, my mind drifted away as I imagined my hunk, far away in the war zone fighting to keep me safe, literally devoting himself to protecting me and others (who hardly care). He talked about his faith in Christ, and shared some family history with us. Even in the dark, I looked deep into his eyes and I reached for his soul as his spoke about the wars he had fought, colleagues lost, and how the government treated them, makes me wonder if his soul needed an infilling, some sort of protection, some sort of care from the emotional and psychological wounds unattended to. I searched and searched but found no answer.

The nights out bell rang. “But sir, why did you decide to join the army?” a lady asked. This particular “notice me” lady, can’t even remember her name. 

“It’s lights out, we would continue later”he replied. Groans of dis satisfaction followed as we grudgingly walked back to our hostels. I entered my room with mixed feelings.  This camp bonfire has to be the best thing ever in this orientation camp. Oh well, something to thank NYSC for.

Oh my love, my hero, I can only care from afar and hope that one day you’d be mine. I do hope what I feel is real…

I’m in love with a soldier and I no know who send me message!!!

Story by @amarachukukere 

Photo credit: The life brief 

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