Project Title:
“The Love Walk”
Project Objectives:
To deliver health care services, provide students of the community with basic educational items, welfare for the members of the community, stage seminars and workshop, and counseling sections on the need for adequate education in the rural areas, and enlighten the community on the importance of developing artistic talents in the students.
Deliverables: Jointly planned and assisted in developing the project plan, carrying out feasibility studies, risk analysis and forwarding of proposals to potential investors. Acquired experience on project planning and procurement.

My Volunteer experience with Stand Up 4 Christ was an awesome one. I got to meet amazing people and interact with some residents of Monatan Community in Ibadan and Mushin Community in Lagos both in Nigeria as we shared medical aid and counseled them. I contributed my area of expertise in Project coordination, social inclusion and community development to ensure recipients were impacted well.
Love Walk 2Love WalkScreenshot_2018-11-07 Amarachic🎀 ( theamarachicbrand) • Instagram photos and videosScreenshot_2018-11-07 Amarachic🎀 ( theamarachicbrand) • Instagram photos and videos(3)

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