October 2, 2016 | A Write-up. 

As an individual who loves resolving conflicts, I believe peace is an essential neccesity for our daily living and with the level of violence, conflicts and terrorism in the world it’s evident that peace is needed; that’s why I’m excited about  The Africa Peace Summit; a partnership between World Peace Initiative Foundation and Kenyatta University Mentoring Program. They’re bringing it to our doorstep. This is the first ever Africa Peace Summit happening in Kenya, whose theme is “Nurturing A Culture Of Peace Within The Youth.” The aim is to provide a forum for youth in Africa to engage on identifying strategies for conflict resolution and peace-building.

Thus, the forum will help the youth in Africa to connect, learn, and discover practical tips in order to become mindful and efficient at personal and professional levels, enhance individual potential, talents and capabilities from varied dimensions, co-creating a culture of peace in Africa. 


I also want to introduce a young enterprising lady Wadi Ben-Hirki, who has an NGO that’s impacting the lives of the less privileged in Northern Nigeria. Her work has gained international recognition and she has been nominated for the Africa Peace Summit Awards.

Read about her work

To vote for her click here

How to vote

Browse to

1. Click on the image of Wadi (or the radio button next to their image). The background will highlight to orange and will stay orange to indicate your selection has been made.

2. Scroll down to the bottom right of the screen.

3. Click the vote button, then complete the security verification and then click vote again.

4. That’s it, your vote is now cast!

5. Please, help spread this message to others. Thank you. Please, let’s support Wadi.

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Website: Africa Peace Summit 

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Facebook:Peace Rev Summit


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