The Global Teacher Prize Award 


World Teachers’ Day October 5, a day set aside to honor individuals around the globe who have chosen the life-changing career of teaching. Thanks to NYSC I’m currently one of such!
This year’s theme was “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status.” 

Each school day, teachers dedicate theirselves to bringing out the best in their students. They’re committed to this solemn duty knowing the future is somewhat really in their hands. Not just the future of each child but generations to come….. And the world. Some of these teachers have limited resources to impact the necessary knowledge but not withstanding, they press on and they’re committed knowing the future of each child is in their hands.
Now THAT’S more than an important job! 

Where would any of us be today without our teachers? Well some of us might have had not-so-good teachers but then in one way or the other they’ve impacted our lives. 
Do you remember a teacher who really changed your life? What did he or she teach you?

“Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge and skills. It’s also about building character and a community of citizens ready and able to build more prosperous nations, and a healthier world.” – Strive Masiyiwa

Quality education for children can change the world! And of course, it starts with great teachers.

Are you a teacher currently? Do you have what it takes? Do you believe in building up and changing lives? 
The real celebrities of our society are excellent teachers. And I believe everyone can play a part to making it a success, i.e. parents, relatives, the private sector, governments, the media etc can assist teachers into cultivating responsible children.

Schools should provide adequate resources for this teachers to use. In this jet age, computers and projectors can be introduced in the classroom to enhance the learning process. Government should ensure that accomodative buildings are available for students and provide incentives for teachers as a way of encouragement. Private sectors can invest in schools by awarding scholarships etc… 

I remember a parent saying that she’s going to report a teacher for not feeding her child i.e. like forcing the child to eat, this shouldn’t be so. Parents should join hands to train the children, the work isn’t for the teacher alone, supervise their home work and give them good upbringing. 

To all my teachers, mentors, I thank you! To Mrs. Akoji, you brought out the Business in me! Mrs. Umeh, the great mathematician, Mummy Iroegbulam thank you for being both a proprietress and mother; and my Mum I’d forever celebrate you. 
This week, and every day, let’s respect and appreciate all the teachers around the world, most of them are unsung heroes who daily inspire us to greatness.

I think we all have at least one memorable teacher that we can never forget. Have you ever tried to look for them and say thank you? Some of us probably haven’t… Why not use this as a wake up call to recognize those teachers, and share those memories them.

Happy Teachers Day 

​P.S. If you know a teacher that deserves to be honored do well to open this site and nominate such person



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