Trial Turned Testimonies

Flaws and Perfection

November 11, 2016 | Personal Notes. 

I used to be of the opinion that it’s better to hide your flaws than show it and also that others aren’t meant to see your weakness, oh well, it affected me so much because I became resentful and single-minded about everything and everyone. This was because I’ve been taken advantage of in the past when I opened up too much…

Recently, I learnt to turn the tables and take it to God; God, kwa?! Yes, HIM… He helped me with my weaknesses and gave me self control. With the help of the Holy Spirit I was able to realize that it’s not everyone you tell some things to. Not everyone is spiritually and mentally matured to handle some information they receive. Also some people are battling with low self-esteem, so when you open up to them about your weaknesses they use it against you…

Another thing being that we care too much about what others think about us, what they’d say that we pretend everything is fine and that we’re perfect. Sometimes people need to know we’re humans, that they’re some junk we’ve gone through or we’re going through and that God’s mercy and grace saw us through and is still helping us through it all… I’ve realized that some people get more relaxed when they know you’ve had your share of challenges and you’re out stronger, it gives them hope while some others may not see it that way, but then I ask myself why not save you the stress?

Truth is we all make mistakes, as for those who see a big deal about it and try to justify themselves, well, that shouldn’t be your focus. Yours should be getting it out in the open to your Heavenly Father, (who for the records knows you have flaws) He’s willing to walk us through it and help us all the way.

Another thing is taking correction and criticism. We should be able to humbly and carefully determine the type of correction we take and who its coming from. People often advise us withowithout taking the correction for themselves. 

According to Joyce Meyer “Don’t hide your mistakes. Get them out in the open so that you can learn from them. When you trust God with openness and honesty, He can help you overcome anything.”

We should be honest with ourselves we if really want to grow!

Let say this prayer by Joyce Meyer: Lord, I have weaknesses that I’m ashamed of, but holding on to them won’t do me any good. I choose to be open about my flaws so that You can help me overcome them.




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