Attractive Sights in Nigeria 

December 13, 2016 | Touring.  

ibeno BEACH

Ibeno Beach
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This is Nigeria…. My home land! It’s amazing as to what we’ve been blessed with as a nation, from natural resources to diverse cultures. Recently, my attention has been drawn to some attractive sites people can visit for vacations and get away places from all the stress of the fiscal and business year. These places have been become tourist attractions, some have been fully tapped others are on their way to redemption! I would talk about six of them and explore the others later.

This tourist destination which is said to be the largest sand beach  in West Africa stretches over 245km on a sand bank in Ibeno area of Akwaibom. It possess cool breeze from the water, luxurious surroundings and give one a feel of nature. The subtle fields and trees aren’t left out as one can relax for a picnic. The sun bath spots are provided and the mangrove forest is a beauty to behold.

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Location : Ibeno, Akwa Ibom State 

abuja ARTS AND crafts VILLAGE

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For every individual like me, who loves arts, this is a place to be. Talented artist design different artefacts and handicrafts that can serve as accessories and decor items. This place seeks to tell and create an awareness of the diverse cultures of Africa.

Location : Central Business District, Abuja.


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This park is situated opposite the Mile One Bridge along the Old GRA in Port Harcourt. This is a place I’d love to visit, at least while I’m in the oil city because it has now become a tourist location where lot of baseball and softball games are played. Live entertainment and trade fairs also happen here. It’s called so because the tomb of Major Isaac Boro, a soldier killed in the Nigeria Civil War lies there. 

Location : Port Harcourt,  Rivers State 


ogbunike cave
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Ogbunike Caves located in a valley at Ifite, Ogbunike is surrounded by tropical rain forest  are closely associated with historical significance which was said to hide the Igbos during the civil war and particularly spiritual significance where the “Ime Ogbe” takes place yearly to commemorate the discovery of the caves. There are 317 steps constructed by the State government in the mid 90’s used to descend down to the caves. The wide cave consists of ten tunnels with streams and rivers at various places. One can feel the warm water from the caves and also the cold river water. It’s been marked as a UNESCO heritage site.

Location : Ogbunike, Anambra State 


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Ikogosi Warm Springs is a beautiful attraction located at south western region of Nigeria flowing with warm spring water. Thus water meets at a confluence with another cold spring with each maintaining its temperature. These features makes it an attractive Aite to explore. Research suggests that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence. Source: Wiki 

Location : Ikogosi, Ekiti State


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Kusugu Wells holds a deep historical significance. The well was a major source of water to the people of Daura during the reign of Queen Daurama but they could only access it on fridays because a deep snake lived inside. Due to the intervention of certain Baghdad Prince, Abu Yazid the snake was killed and the people could access water daily. Beautiful ancient pictures and artefacts about the culture of the people are displayed around the well. 

Location: Daura, Katsina State.

Indeed Nigeria is enriched with great tourist attraction sites. Have you visited these places, kindly share your experiences.



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