2016 Goals? Yay or Nay?!

January 18, 2017 | Personal Notes. 

The New Year came with all its excitements…. Everyone, most people were delighted to see the New Year mostly because they needed to forget the past and move ahead, they needed to set new goals, or set up new businesses or something that has to do with New! Basically, from it all I perceive Hope; whether from a good or bad experience everyone wants something to hope on! Those with old debts will claim that it’s a New Year so it should be forgotten 😕 really? 

I remember December 2015, I had just received a  great news, one that led to success and in between the joy I felt clueless! Like I’ve been looking forward to this news for three years now and it finally came but I was clueless. Strange but I couldn’t tell why. I asked could it be due to the long wait, hmm? 

So this didn’t even give me the strength to write any resolution or goals, majorly because I was frightened and filled with uncertainties. So when others put up their goals for 2016 I’d just turn the other cheek! 

Fast forward to December 2016; I’d so it’s been amazing! I didn’t strategically write down goals for 2016 but I sure did achieve a lot! I started writing my quotes and blogging again!

 Don’t get me wrong, writing down your goals is great but falling apart because you didn’t achieve them is what I don’t agree with! Truth is as I advanced into the year 2016, the goals started coming it! I’m someone who believes in planning, being spontaneous is like a disease for me, so when I say I was totally clueless, I was. And it hurt so much that I couldn’t even help myself plan for the New Year… 

Goals help us keep in shape, it’s like a checklist. So it’s okay if you didn’t achieve all your goals in 2016, I didn’t even have one! Well it’s a new season and you can pick up form where you stopped. You don’t have to necessarily dump the old goals and set new ones, chances are the events that occurred or led to you not achieving them might occur again. So you need to deal with that first and continue! 

There would be a lot of pressure, from concerned and non concerned friends or family; even from within you! It would seem as though “your mates” are far ahead but stop!  

And don’t let the pressure weigh you down. The most important thing is where ever you are or at whatever stage you find yourself, you’re making positive progress.

This year, I have a list of things I aim to achieve ( I’d be sharing my journey through them all). Even if it means my attempting each one to a certain stage before the year runs out, I’d be entirely grateful to God! My key this year is consistence and continuity, diligence and efficiency.

How did your 2016 go? Did you achieve your goals? Kindly share tips on how you did it! 



New Year, New Look 

January 12, 2017 | Revamp your Home.




It’s officially our first decor post for the year, and we’re starting off this phase with ways to give your home the desired sparkle it needs

Whether it’s a new house, old apartment or little cubicle, there’s always ways to make it look great. Some people believe in New Year new things, new look etc… The end point is making your home sparkle.

Now how are you going to achieve that?

Bright Colors


A touch of bright colors don’t hurt no wall; It makes the room come alive. Covering a section of the wall, the staircase or even the window trim with these kinda colors would definitely make a statement and add that sparkle to your home.
These are decorative elements used for beautification purposes and they surely add glamour to your home. Whether in the garden, kitchen or parlour, ornaments always give a touch of glitz!
A touch of glitters

Adding sparkle to your home can be done by picking a few sequined pillows or wall art. Decorative mercury glass not only add sparkles but colorful accents to your room.

Creative lightnings

By adding new lighting options, your home will definitely change its looks. Instead of leaving only the light bulb, mix it up with decorative covers. The light reflection will definitely add a new look.
If you are interested in DIY lamp covers, you can purchase old lamps and shades, spray them with paint or cover them with fabric for a fresh new look.

Floral Design and Wall Art

This is another way of refreshing the face of your home. Wall arts fit into any section of the home: kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom, and can bring out a different fresh look.

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What other ways do you think can add a great new look to your home in a stress free way? Do share.

Another Phase 

January 3, 2017 | A New Year.


“As we enter into 2017, remember to stay on message don’t get distracted. Shut your eyes and ears to whatever doesn’t contribute to your vision. If you can give yourself just 3months to know nothing else apart from pursuing what is set before you, you will be amazed at your progress – Poju Oyemade” 
It’s a new phase, a long epistle won’t be needed but then what have you learnt in 2016 and what changes are you willing to make in 2017? 

I can’t really say that I made resolutions for the year; for me I’d just continue where I stopped.

Let’s do this…. 

Happy New Year and welcome to another phase of life. We call the shots so it’s our choice to make! 

P.S. It promises to be an interesting and great one on the blog this year. Keep up!


Amara 🎶