New Year, New Look 

January 12, 2017 | Revamp your Home.




It’s officially our first decor post for the year, and we’re starting off this phase with ways to give your home the desired sparkle it needs 

Whether it’s a new house, old apartment or little cubicle, there’s always ways to make it look great. Some people believe in New Year new things, new look etc… The end point is making your home sparkle. 

Now how are you going to achieve that? 

Bright Colors 


A touch of bright colors don’t hurt no wall; It makes the room come alive. Covering a section of the wall, the staircase or even the window trim with these kinda colors would definitely make a statement and add that sparkle to your home. 
These are decorative elements used for beautification purposes and they surely add glamour to your home. Whether in the garden, kitchen or parlour, ornaments always give a touch of glitz! 

A touch of glitters 

Adding sparkle to your home can be done by picking a few sequined pillows or wall art. Decorative mercury glass not only add sparkles but colorful accents to your room.

Creative lightnings 

By adding new lighting options, your home will definitely change its looks. Instead of leaving only the light bulb, mix it up with decorative covers. The light reflection will definitely add a new look. 
If you are interested in DIY lamp covers, you can purchase old lamps and shades, spray them with paint or cover them with fabric for a fresh new look.

Floral Design and Wall Art 

This is another way of refreshing the face of your home. Wall arts fit into any section of the home: kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom, and can bring out a different fresh look. 

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What other ways do you think can add a great new look to your home in a stress free way? Do share.


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