5 Days With Poju Oyemade 

A very warm welcome to you as we launch a new series on the blog.

Recently I’ve been reading some good books and articles that have shaped my thinking. These authors reach deep and put forth grey words of encouragement. This week I will be sharing some words of one of such authors who’s a preacher too, his name being Pst. Poju Oyemade. He’s the senior pastor of Covenant Christian Centre and a Role Model. With WAFBEC 2017 only days away, it’s with great joy I bring this.

Day 1

Those reaching out for the new

Nothing wrong with a new generation of ministers wanting to take the Church in a new direction. The Church in Nigeria is ripe for a new wave of the Spirit. However it won’t be realized by attacking the old but by defining and substantiating the new with prophetic scriptures.
You will fail if your voice is divisive. It must be substantiated with scriptures from a heart void of offense. Once you start with a voice of attack and not words of knowledge, not with speech seasoned with salt ministering grace but with bitterness defiling, you lose 95% of the people you want to reach.

Understand this also, ministries are not born on the pages of social media but in the place of travailing prayer. If your soul hasn’t labored in prayer over the sound of the abundance of rain you have heard in your spirit, you will only have a “near birth” experience i.e clouds without water.
For those who have received in their heart a new direction, don’t make the mistake Moses made. He tried to effect it with his hand and committed murder pushing back on the timing of the fulfillment of prophecy. Murder in spiritual sense is slanderous speech, stop it.
Whatever has entered your heart, sheath your sword, and enter into the groanings of the Spirit.”
Here, Pst. Poju talks about not totally condemning the old because the new is here. After all the old made way for the New, it was through the old that the New emerged and that new you think is so great someone is out there trying to create another new to overcome that one.

Attacking the old won’t create a platform for your “new” to have a voice. Instead, seek God’s wisdom on how to go about the new thing He has laid in your heart. There’s always this urge, desire when something new is about to explode. Beware not to tarnish people’s image! Take caution not to rush into things.


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