Humanitarian Services

The Bystander Effect 

February 15, 2017 | Support Awareness. 

Sometimes the size of a crisis alone can breed apathy. Large numbers tend to numb and paralyze rather than move people to action. In the midst of the refugee crisis, how can you see the individual? How can you help others do the same?

 As part of the World Help Volunteer and member, it’s a responsibility to write about the challenges people face and bring necessary help their way. 

Today’s focus is about the bystander effect, learning to see the individual admist the situation and crowd. 

Support others….. 

As individuals how can we see the individual despite the situation. For instance a Pakistani who migrates from his home land to your country; what constariants limits you. Would you turn the other cheek? Would you help him, welcome her into your home without being judgemental….. 

In a world where terrorism is taking a high toll, how can we empower individuals from terrorist nations, and how can we encourage others to do so. 

Do share your thoughts. 


Amara 💝


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