5 Days with Poju Oyemade

Day Two 

“​Every season of your life will be characterized by certain relationships, some people will play major roles at that period in time. 

Serve with those individuals with all of your heart and be true to them with pure intent, however when that season is over and God is repositioning, emotional attachments may keep you from moving into the new phase. 

The same people cannot be with you forever and you cannot afford to carry the burden of guilt for those who couldn’t make it into the next phase of your life. 

In the same way, you also couldn’t make it into the next phase of theirs. Things change and the seasons of life change. The only person who has and will be with you through every season is God. Love people but know when a season is over”. – Poju Oyemade 

I have to add that surely people would come and go, holding unto winter when it’s summer time will do you no good. No matter how much you enjoy winter, summer has to come, so do other seasons. Embrace the uniqueness of each season while it last! 


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