Five Days with Poju Oyemade 

May 27, 2017 | Day Three 

“If you spend your life trying to be like, or to please someone else, you would only live out a fraction of your full potential. You would quench the Spirit within and loose your sense of identity and vision.
The giant steps of faith that lead to exploits requires that you to some degree go through an uncharted course that can be emotionally unsettling #quantumleap” – Poju Oyemade

Personal Notes

Why live another man’s life? Why live a fake life, trying to put up what you’re not so the world can dance to your tunes. Truth is it won’t last for long. It would get to a point where suffocation begins…

Learn to embrace your uniqueness, there’s nothing as sweet as this! You’re in your own lane living life the way God has planned for you. Truth is we’re on the other side. We barely know how the other person made it through…. Some might actually be living false lives just to put on a show and that is what you want to “die put”, that’s what you wanna follow.

You’ll never live your full potentials when you’re living a false life.

Let’s Talk 

What situations lured you into keeping up with a life not truly yours? Trying to fit in? Don’t forget – You’re a special. If you’re livibg a lie, how would others realize how unique you are? Don’t be timid. Is it the past, or background that’s restricting you? It happens! Break off that hold, and soar.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. You can contact through the email –

With joy,

Amara 💝


Another Phase : The Beginning of the End 

May 2, 2017 | Musings

🎵🎼Count the weeks as days (count the weeks as days) 

Count the months as weeks (months as weeks, weeks as days…) 

Count the weeks as days, in a moment we’ll be going home🎵🎼

This throwback song from college days lingered in my head as the month of March approached. Time indeed flies, hey wait for me! I vividly remember orientation camp days and all the activities that followed. How come it’s over?!

Dear Naija Corper, 

What’s next? 

Some of us have looked forward to this day from the very first day we entered while some others are hoping it continues, either ways this phase has gradually come to a conclusion and it’s time we face reality. How prepared are we to face what comes after? 

The question of what next, comes into play, no more “allawee”, free accommodation (for some people) etc…. As the NYSC phase is ending, I would love us to have these tips

1. Get prepared.

The population of Corp members entering into the economic market is likened to a bucket of sand so what are you doing to be outstanding! Get yourself ready, equip yourself with skills, re strategize, package your CV. Don’t wait for it to always happen. Make it happen, create it. 

Allawee Pension Fund should be created 😂😂😂

2. Be empowered 
By this I mean stay informed. Outside sending out your CVs, empower yourself. There are free seminars and workshop programs that are organized these days. Keep abreast with the happenings around you. Don’t just fall back at home and wait till you’re told there’s a vacancy before you apply, move around. Be informed. 

3. Improve 

There’s always room for improvement. If the jobs are not coming yet, take free online courses to keep your mind and brain updated any course in your line of interest would be preferable . Or you can engage yourself in learning skills. Thanks to the SAED program which created a platform for acquiring these useful skills. You can volunteer for a job placement or as a care giver. In the long run, you’d be grateful you did. 

As another phase approaches, seize it with positivity and determination ready to conquer whatever challenges and fears come along. This phase is a road one must be willing to go on with courage, persistence and consistency. 

Never give up! You made it through NYSC…. 

See you at the top!




May 2, 2017 | A Poem

My friends😍 ~ @damilolaonafuwa

You are great, you are grand

A valuable treasure that the world acknowledges….
You are strong, you are powerful

made to bear nations and countless generations…

despite the obstacles and challenges, you hold on, knowing fully well you’ll receive the glory in the long run…

Even when you’re weak, you still find strength to move on…

No wonder you’re specially made from Adam’s bones…

You are beautiful, you are lovely

Yes! Not just the shape of your hip bone, or face, nor the texture of skin, but it lies within you, in the tenderness of your heart, warmth of your smile, sincerity of your tears,  sound of your laughter: its in your mind and being, others are just a mere icing on the cake that will soon fade away with each waking year of breath you take…


You are amiable, you are gracious

Your heart glows like a sunflower at the slightest ray of sunlight,

you love and longed to be loved, though you get hurt by the thorns of betrayal, you’re still a prisoner of hope….

You are smart, you are intelligent

your mind is busy like a ticking clock, your senses always active…

seeking solutions, solving problems and giving answers like a FBI agent

You are divine, you are godly

specially designed by God only…

a priestess, a queen to reign abundantly…

You are gifted, you are unique

possessing awesome qualities the world is still yet to understand…

always aiming to succeed, to mentor, to teach…
Embrace your uniqueness, your strength, your personality, your beauty and power…..

Comparison and vain competition will only lead to destruction…. 

Happy international Women’s Day 


With love, 

Amara 💝