Five Days with Poju Oyemade 

May 27, 2017 | Day Three 

“If you spend your life trying to be like, or to please someone else, you would only live out a fraction of your full potential. You would quench the Spirit within and loose your sense of identity and vision.
The giant steps of faith that lead to exploits requires that you to some degree go through an uncharted course that can be emotionally unsettling #quantumleap” – Poju Oyemade

Personal Notes

Why live another man’s life? Why live a fake life, trying to put up what you’re not so the world can dance to your tunes. Truth is it won’t last for long. It would get to a point where suffocation begins…

Learn to embrace your uniqueness, there’s nothing as sweet as this! You’re in your own lane living life the way God has planned for you. Truth is we’re on the other side. We barely know how the other person made it through…. Some might actually be living false lives just to put on a show and that is what you want to “die put”, that’s what you wanna follow.

You’ll never live your full potentials when you’re living a false life.

Let’s Talk 

What situations lured you into keeping up with a life not truly yours? Trying to fit in? Don’t forget – You’re a special. If you’re livibg a lie, how would others realize how unique you are? Don’t be timid. Is it the past, or background that’s restricting you? It happens! Break off that hold, and soar.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. You can contact through the email –

With joy,

Amara 💝


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