May 2, 2017 | A Poem

My friends😍 ~ @damilolaonafuwa

You are great, you are grand

A valuable treasure that the world acknowledges….
You are strong, you are powerful

made to bear nations and countless generations…

despite the obstacles and challenges, you hold on, knowing fully well you’ll receive the glory in the long run…

Even when you’re weak, you still find strength to move on…

No wonder you’re specially made from Adam’s bones…

You are beautiful, you are lovely

Yes! Not just the shape of your hip bone, or face, nor the texture of skin, but it lies within you, in the tenderness of your heart, warmth of your smile, sincerity of your tears,  sound of your laughter: its in your mind and being, others are just a mere icing on the cake that will soon fade away with each waking year of breath you take…


You are amiable, you are gracious

Your heart glows like a sunflower at the slightest ray of sunlight,

you love and longed to be loved, though you get hurt by the thorns of betrayal, you’re still a prisoner of hope….

You are smart, you are intelligent

your mind is busy like a ticking clock, your senses always active…

seeking solutions, solving problems and giving answers like a FBI agent

You are divine, you are godly

specially designed by God only…

a priestess, a queen to reign abundantly…

You are gifted, you are unique

possessing awesome qualities the world is still yet to understand…

always aiming to succeed, to mentor, to teach…
Embrace your uniqueness, your strength, your personality, your beauty and power…..

Comparison and vain competition will only lead to destruction…. 

Happy international Women’s Day 


With love, 

Amara 💝


4 thoughts on “#TheFemaleGang”

  1. Yaay! I featured😊
    God is and will always be the source and sustainer of our relevance as women and for every other individual.
    More grace to your pen darl.

    Liked by 1 person

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