December 28, 2017| Goal Setting

I remember writing something early this year on 2016 goals, read up.

And again, it’s that time of the year when we take stock of how the year has been. The book of 365 pages with 12 chapters is slowly ending. How has the journey been? At what chapter did it seem like “I’m no longer interested in reading this book?”. At what time, did the wordings excite us that we couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter.

Oh, was it when love came calling, or when pain struck the hardest. Did we feel down that we didn’t really understand the book sef, it had to be read slowly, over again?

Like I’ll always tell myself, don’t be too hard on you, instead do a sincere personal audit and weigh the outcomes. What goals did you hit and which did you miss? What are you willing to do better and what are you ready to let go?

How did 2017 go?

I did my self audit, two days back and the Holy Spirit led me to understand the need for 3 things this new year : Discipline, Consistency and Commitment. Aargh!

Looking back at my prayer request for 2017, my heart leaped with joy because I realised God does wonders. Hmm, currently not where I used to be! It’s just amazing….

So yes, who is ready for 2018? Pick up that journal and start writing those goals. You can add a faith challenge too, I did. There’s nothing impossible for God to do….

Let’s go…..


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