Feb 26, 2018 | Life’s Extra


I slept at work on Friday!

I know Right?

Like I literally slept at work!

You don’t understand, I said I slept at work, like I switched from my desk to another.

Like I changed sleeping positions three times! Dayuumn! 

This is a scenario I promised myself not to be caught up in! I woke up feeling betrayed by self. Like how could you do this to me, make me sleep so soundly at work for so long. Each time I tried to wake up, the look on my colleagues faces was priceless.


But in all, I slept and woke up! And I didn’t kill myself for it. It was a bit disappointing but I still got up and closed from work looking all sober. My colleagues couldn’t understand the attitude but I just had to leave them.

The thing is we all have that “one kind” scenario we beat our chests that we would never be caught doing. For me, sleeping at work is one, what laxity! But yesterday, for some strange reason and explainable the tiredness from the previous day and all, I did.

Do you often beat yourself down because you “laid down your guard” on something? Take a chill pill, life is not that hard!

i am not saying that you should always sleep at work or get lazy because “you cannot come and kee yaself” but truly why would you wanna come and kee yaself?

For me, what I learned is applying more self control. Do your best and don’t beat yourself when you can attain such levels , but still keep at it. Know when it’s okay, learn how to say No and stop when necessary.

this is not fair!

The flesh is indeed weak! Spirit lead us!

Cheers to the new week.

Amara C 💞


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