Apr 06, 2018 || A Faith Factor

You may think, “Nobody knows what I’m going through, nobody feels the pain I’m experiencing.”
But God knows!
He knows your feelings and frustrations.  He’s seen the crisis in your soul. There’s no hurt that goes unnoticed by God. Psalm 56:6 says, “You know how troubled I am; you have kept a record of my tears.” (Good News)
Often when we’re hurting, we feel very isolated and lonely. Maybe there’s been a death in the family, a divorce, maybe we’ve gotten fired, and we start to think, “Nobody understands the way I feel; nobody can tell the way I feel; nobody feels the pain.”
But God knows, and “The LORD is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.” (Psalms 103:13 NLT) 
God not only sees, He cares!
He knows the causes, the reasons, the things that brought you to this point. He understands because he made you, and he sees the hurt in your heart like nobody else can.
Because God knows our frustrations and despair, we can give those feelings to God: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NLT) Cast them all permanently on God, once and for all, and then, don’t take them back – Rick Warren

Heart to Heart

You may say, no I don’t want to leave the pain, I don’t want to forget him or her, why did God let this happen! Oh how I wish I can bring an answer because I too wanted to know then, I lived with my pain for years taking it out on myself was never true to myself this made me hide my gifts and talents believing the World would sympathize with me always while I play the victim mentality, but it wasn’t so as everyone moved on, hard as it seems I didn’t want to, I wanted to leave with the pain! This hurt my family because I was so cold and resentful, easily angered and temperamental! That’s what holding onto the pain can do! Am I saying forget the one whom you’ve lost, no! But release the pain and deny it the pleasure of getting the best out of you. Death I realized is a sure end, we meet to path and part to meet! Lose of a business worth millions, lost relationships, a sudden fire outbreak claiming all you’ve labored for, damn how terrible and horrifying can it get. We all have our shares of challenges and difficulties but God’s word has promised us victory, we’ll remain conquerors through Him who first loved us!

Pain is one topic I hide away from because I can cry and it gives me headache, I believe no one should suffer, die, be taken advantage of, and forced to do the negative. But I realized its inevitable. Today I want to encourage everyone plus me, see beyond the pain! Please see beyond the pain.


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