Apr 13, 2018 || A Yearning.


She glowed even in the rain. The sound of her voice lightened up the building. How can someone in the midst of this current economic situation and life’s storms be so happy! No not happy, joyful. Maybe she’s pretending, that’s how they are. They come up to sing and give us a charade, meanwhile they’re worse off!

I later learned that she doesn’t have children? How can this be?!

I just finished shopping and placed my groceries on the counter, as I noticed his countenance. A customer was having a word fight with him and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t giving back in words, like as though the insults weren’t insulting enough! Maybe he’s just trying to save his job! But this same glow, I’ve seen it somewhere….


“We are taking your car in!” The officers snapped at the man. I pulled over and watched the drama that followed. The man tried to explain that his car stopped abruptly, otherwise why would he just park wrongly by this time of the night. The officers weren’t taking any of it, as they shouted and towed away the man’s car. What got to me was his countenance, yes I’ve seen it before and today I’m gonna get an answer.

I walked up to him as I noticed he’s a clergy man. Ah, no wonder! In Lagos, an official will just tow away your car without you putting up a fight just like that?!

“Sir, I’ve been watching you, why didn’t you drag with them and insist on keeping your car, do you think you’re going to see that car again?”

“You see”, he said “I actually wanted to but I realized the presence of the Lord is with me, He is my helper, I need not fear or worry what man will do to me. At least they’re not robbers!”. Just then someone pulled up as he excused himself to leave.

“Sir, please I need this presence, this glow, this peace, how can I get it?”. He smiled and handed me his card.

I definitely need this, because I just can’t understand how someone can be so calm despite the stress!

Come into the light of God’s Word.

“You can help those you love find real freedom through God’s Word.
Just look at how Jesus trained the disciples. He taught them that the Word of God is our foundation. Everyone should build their foundation on God’s Word. Jesus said, ” You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32 TEV)
I want the people I care about to be free: I don’t want them bound up by guilt.  I don’t want them bound up by worry.  I don’t want them messed up by resentment.  I don’t want them to be pressured by the expectations of others.
There’s only one way to help people be free: Teach them the Truth that will set them free.  Teach them that, when you build your life on God’s Word, you’ll have a life of genuine freedom.  A life built on God’s Truth is filled with happiness, joy, passion and purpose. You will spare those you love an awful lot of headaches and heartaches and heartbreaks if you teach them to rely on God’s Word as the sole authority for their lives.
For many of the people in your life, you’re the only one who can help them find freedom in God’s Word. That means you have to know God’s Word yourself! That should be a great motivation for you to keep growing” – Rick Warren.

There’s freedom in release!


Amara Chukukere 💞


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