Apr 27, 2018 | Faith Factor


“Be still, and know I am God!” Psalm 46:10 NLT

Umu Chineke (God’s children) it’s time for morning devotion.

The familiar voice that wakes us up every morning, whispered as I was left in a sleepy state to decide whether to obey or not.

I turned the other cheek…..

Sounds of activities awakened my senses, as I slowly opened my eyes, I was faced with time’s reality


Finally a new day! I lazied in bed and watched my sister prepare for work. She’s super intelligent and smart, I really admire her, she’s great at what she does. Well, I always look forward to a new day, what in particular I’m not sure of, but everyday is a gift of hope, time to believe for something new, irrespective of the current situation, mine being: Yet-To-Be-Found-White Collar Job (Why is the collar always white though?) Hehehe!

Now the best part of this “Solo” time is the opportunity to commune with God, meditate on nature and be my own audience! I picked up my daily devotional and I literally stared in disbelief at the day’s topic: Spend Time Alone With God.  

I always do, I guess because to my little understanding I love God, I’m passionate about things that promote peace and growth, and I like engaging in activities especially in God’s house so I can give myself a pass mark, check!


The opening verse played again in my spirit…. “Be still, and know that I am God”

As I read further, I realized I wasn’t all true to myself. Follow me…

“God can speak to you anytime, anywhere, through anybody, by dropping a thought into your mind (see 1 Corinthians 2:16). But because that thought can be crowded out by busyness, He says, “Be Still…. “. Pause: can you relate? Because I can 😢. Let’s continue.

“In stillness you can hear God more clearly. “Jesus used many….illustrations to teach the people as much as they could understand….afterward, when He was alone with his disciples He explained everything to them” (Mark 4:33-34 NLT). In High Call, High Privilege, Gail MacDonald writes: “The ancient desert fathers used to commit themselves to a disciplinary creed – silence, solitude, and inner peace. Only after adequate amounts of time listening, did they consider themselves ready to speak…. Today there’s a strange logic that spiritual resource and renewal are found in constantly seeking new voices, attending more meetings…to exchange half-thought-out opinions… We fall into the trap of believing God is pleased when we’ve maximized our information, our schedules, and our relationships. Disengagement means silence before God…a time of heavenly discussion during which we listen more than we speak. And silence demands solitude.”

(Okay, let’s pause again – Now don’t get it wrong, reading books and researching is good but being still and listening to God is vital, allowing Him lead is amazing!). Thank you, let’s proceed.

“In waiting quietly before God, your spiritual ear is trained to know His voice (Isn’t this great, this is a level I sooo long for). Sylvia Gunter writes: “I understand why David had to command his soul to be still… Being quiet is difficult….almost impossible for some of us, But I’ve discovered that my soul and spirit have been starving for stillness for a long time, and now that I’ve given my soul a taste of stillness again it will not be satisfied unless it’s a regular part of my day.”

Stay with me fam; Now like Sylvia, I will agree It can be difficult to silence our hearts, from the current situations and circumstances that cloud our thoughts daily, there’s definitely something to bother me, us every minute but making that decision to quiet our hearts can change everything! Once we taste stillness, it’s a never ending thirst we won’t want to satisfy in a hurry!

I definitely need this, don’t you?


How do you practice stillness? What has been your experience? Do share and lift a soul.
Amara Chukukere


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