Honestly, this is not my style, writing fitness and talking fitfam but i always have an “ebb and flow” fitness motivation here and there.


Six years ago, I was involved in a violent experience which caused me to struggle with severe pains around my hip/waist region. The hurting affects my emotional state because it leaves me resisting growth. I know the Lord would use that pain for my good, because I am so tired of hurting and thinking of how the pain would go away and not cause any harm! Had tummy crisis years back too, so it also affects my ability to do intense tummy exercises, i really wanna try new fitness goals out but then i think of my tummy and i’m weak, whew!

So I prayed, yes I still pray; i talk to God to help me through it and so far it’s coming out great.


My first official trial was when i went on hiking with my secondary school girls now ladies; trust me they never understood to what extent that hiking helped my mental state. I never thought i could wake up one morning and spontaneously go on a new adventure. I will share the details later, waiting for official pics so at least my crying face can try to look glam!

My latest fitness motivation was when my friend, Dabby, called to say she wanted me to be her Maid of Honur!!!! Hey, the way my heart leaped because weddings are treasures for me. I LOVE WEDDINGS most importantly because they are a seal of a love forever!

So here i am now feeling like a fitness talker….

The previous motivation was when my colleagues, Oby, teased me of having “aka christian mother” damn, you don’t wanna know what that is, if you don’t know already, i wept in my heart, like chai, after all my feelings of slay queen-ness my hands still disappoint! “This is betrayal”, I tapped my hands and said!

So yes, back to being fit; which ever way works for you i.e. what ever is your form of motivation, end point is stay motivated. I started out this year with goals and included fitness. I decided to stop eating late (8pm for a start) and yea i did it, i later transcended to 7pm an I’m currently on it. My tummy feels so light.

I added a cup of green tea daily either early in the mornings or last thing at night after a good bath. I also added watermelon to the list and my the effect is amazing! I also cut down on sugar intake – trust me this is a challenge, as i write, i just finished a nice meal of noodles and snacking on this irresistible epic fish-pie…….


Guys, I kicked off my exercise routine o, unbelievable… Earlier today, I went for a long walk round my neighborhood.

End Point – I can do this! You can too!

P.S. Is it just me or can you liken the counting of gym instructors to the time it takes a snail to cross a road! Damn, but why so slow na, like guy you’re still on 4 meanwhile Sis Bisi has taken in and delivered! Stop eet!


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