Sometime we don’t even know how strong we are until being strong is the only option we have left.

Sometimes we find it hard to be eased of the pain, the frustration that comes from trying to hard to please another that we forget to live.

Sometimes we build our choice, our dreams on the expectations of men leaving us to wallow in deep regret and silent shame.

Sometimes we believe the world would dance to our rhythm because we seek sympathy so we host a pity party and drag others in it.


Sometimes we fall apart because the expectations and plans we’ve set are not forth coming, so it appear we are all only.

Sometimes we are pushed beyond our limits, and so we think we are going to break, like the rubber ring, but suddenly we realize that the push was to drive us beyond our limits to experience a whole new world we never imagined we could experience.

Sometimes, hmm sometimes.


You can do this – I say to myself; you can and you will. Even when you break, allow God do the mending, cos he alone can recreate the pieces to a whole new wonderful artifacts.

I am God’s Garden!

Amara Chukukere

Becoming• Evolving• Impacting•


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