Hey Fam.

It’s another episode of Faith Syndrome, and today we are taking it down to a very daring topic I have captioned: THE CONTENT AND THE CONTAINER.

Hmm, you’re wondering what this girl is up to?  Well let me start right away. I attended a church service one day and the topic of “The Personality of the Preacher” came on board. Now how does this play out? Do you because of how close you get to know a preacher personally that you begin to loose sight of the anointing upon his life? Does the character trait of any Man of God void you of getting what God wants to minister to you through him?

This discussion lingered for a while on one of the many amazing groups I engage myself with spiritually and I thought to bring it down here. Deitrick Haddon was a point of reference. Some people shared their view on why they would no longer listen to Deitirick due to his past infidelity saga and all. These are some excerpts from the conversations….

P.S. I am of the opinion that people should air their views and be corrected if found to be misleading!

“For the sake of my sanity, i tell myself that spiritual leaders no matter how high are humans like me & they can err too. We all want to be reached out too but we forget that even this people we call leaders have their low days & need to be reached out to too”.

“People with TITLES are going through so much, battling but are afraid to speak out because they don’t want yo be judged or they feel they have a responsibility to protect others which doesn’t include revealing their dark sides.”

“I think the most important thing here is instead of making a decision to cut the  off because we don’t get the right vibe because we feel they can do better, praying for them will go a long way. You don’t need to have a personal relationship with someone to pray for them… you just need your voice.”

“So instead of joining people to analyze how others have fallen short, we can use that same energy to pray for them. People are depressed everywhere because they aren’t living up to other people’s expectations of them. They keep up with appearances but somehow the devil you don’t face today will show up tomorrow.”

dh“So let us be careful on how we address some issues like this & let us intercede ad much as we can. If you’re clever enough & spiritual enough, you’ll be sensitive enough to know that your choir leader in church is struggling with something.”

This is what was I had to say, “Hmm. I watched preachers of LA and by the time Bishop McClendon came to our church to preach that “thing” I had about him disappeared. Haddon took a whole year out of ministry to reconcile with God and brought out the album R. E. D. The whole infidelity saga was really hurtful and deep, okay talk about Israel Houghton’s own divorce saga… You know there’s how the mind works and that’s why the enemy wants to take hold of it, because he knows the power of the mind.
Just imagine if there was a camera playing on our everyday lives, no matter the kinda impact we are delivering some people won’t be okay with it. Even some pastors that we know personally if we watch their lives we would stop going to church.
The most important thing is, is he growing in Grace, is there an evident spiritual growth?
I once went for a mentor-ship session with a pastor and on the first day after the counseling and all, he asked me out and complimented my beauty, yes, I did not go again because I did not want any trouble, even though he kept calling because he had my number, we maintained a normal relationship and he later sought my consent for a deeper relationship but I declined and he respected himself after I declined his request.This Pastor is so sound and worded, So will i say because he talked to be after the first day I won’t listen and hear God speak to me through him when necessary? So won’t this Pastor get married?🤔
Las las let’s test all spirits, even ours!”

rye-jessen-785346-unsplashAccording to Oye – “Yes, God as given us the grace to live right & we can choose to do right but what if i fall, Isn’t it sad that sometimes we can’t discuss our struggles with anyone because we’ve been seen as a figure head & we don’t want to mislead the same souls we’ve ministered to?

There is no small or big sin so before we analyze someone else’s shortcomings… Ask yourself, what area of my life am I struggling with? Talk to God about it & ask Him to send you someone you can be accountable too.

At the end of the day- heaven is the goal & on the last day, God will not judge Deitrick differently because he’s a music minister.

We are all going to account for everything we do! So God CALLED Deitrick to be a gospel minister, what has God called you to be or do? An accountant? A fashion designer? A dancer? An actor? A housewife? In whatever field you find yourself whether it has GOSPEL or not, please be reminded that God has called you too but for something different.”

So guys, I am not a pro, I don’t know it all but I do believe the risk of being honest can sometimes lead to people ostracizing you… The church should be and have safe structures for people to be transparent and open about what’s really going on and how they can heal…


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