FCT Decides 2019

Had an amazing and very enlightening time today at the AMAC (Abuja Municipal Area Council) CHAIRMANSHIP DEBATE organized by Abuja Global Shapers

The candidates from YDP, ANRP, YPP, SPN & APGA have done their homework and assured us to work towards the growth & development of AMAC. Honestly it was an event that showcased passion and eagerness to deliver. Above all the candidates promised social inclusion for both “indigenes” and “non-indigenes” of Abuja in AMAC. One thing I really got from this event was their ability to put in place structures that would show forth accountability and transparency in their government.

One of the candidates, Mr. Tonye Dan Isokariari in order to show himself worthy, took himself to court in assurance of all he has said he would, which means he can be sued if he doesn’t deliver! I also met one of the female candidates and indeed I was really excited and hopeful for the future as she spoke on her intentions and goals for AMAC.

Above all I wish them all the best and do hope they fulfill their part!

Ready to vote this weekend? Do you know WHO you’re voting for?



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