Impact can never be overemphasized, why? It is why we even exist. It is why we do what we do. If our lives, products, business, etc isn’t giving value and creating impact it is said to be merely existing… This is why I deliberately and consciously volunteer my time towards reaching out.

This one is a first for me as I joined the CLAPS – Creative Leadership & Adolescent Support Project group to host a social media training for teachers. This event was a small a gathering of young and vibrant teachers who wanted to increase their visibility on social media and also improve the use of their digital skills for classroom learning and overall school coordination. We enlightened the participants on the use of social media and highlighted the importance of each tool in regards with the work they seek to do.

Firstly, we explained the need for them to have SMART Goals and Objectives. What exactly do they want to achieve? How long? What results do they hope to see?

At the end of the training, we carefully followed them to list out activities schools can do and helped them compile a content calendar as this will enable them know what and how to plan and post on their social media handles. It was really an experience.

Thankful to the Head Team of CLASP Mrs. Sarah Chukukere for bringing me on board this impactful program.


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