Have you ever been stuck while taking a ride with a navigator or map-direction? Whew, I have especially around rural areas. Sometimes, the map takes me on a longer, stressful route than what it’s supposed to be and I end up getting to my destination so exhausted and worn out wishing I hadn’t even left! A journey that is supposed to take 15 minutes will end up taken a thousand miles because of lack of knowledge on the exact route to take or wrong directions. Sometimes, it gets even worse when you stop to ask passersby. If they perceive you are a “JJC” – “Johnny Just Come” meaning a newbie to the area’ they might want to take you for a ride….

Imagine if this happens to your life’s path!


After taking a road that seems right, only for it to end up being a longer route or wrong way. Imagine you getting directions from someone who isn’t even sure of themselves, or getting directions from people who don’t want to see you progress, how do you start going back, how do you pick up for the “wasted time”? This can be avoided even as we enter into 2020.

As Christ-followers and children of God, one of the very viral keys in life is to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit, and listen in on what God is leading us to do per time. The year 2019 might not have gone so well due to some decisions we made without first consulting with the Holy Spirit, however, a new year and a decade presents itself to us again. How do we intent to follow through. It is foolishness however to follow the same rules and expect a different result.


Here what Gloria Copeland has to say on the Inner Witness:

“The Spirit itself [Himself] beareth witness with our spirit.” Romans 8:16. Do you ever have trouble hearing from God? Do you find yourself caught in confusing circumstances needing guidance, and yet even after praying and reading the Word―you’re still not sure what God wants you to do? I’ve had that experience. I knew His written Word and acting on it changed my life. But I was uncertain when I had to make decisions about things the Word didn’t specifically address. Things like whether to move to one city or another, for example.

What held me back was my ability to know that I was doing the right thing. You see, God’s written Word and the inward witness are two different things. They never contradict each other, but they’re both a vital part of our walk with God.

God expected Israel, for example, to obey His written Word. But He also said to them, “Obey my voice”(Jeremiah 7:23) because He wanted them to know His will in specific situations. That’s what happened when Israel invaded Jericho. They heard God’s voice. Where else do you think they would have gotten that strange battle plan? It wasn’t written in the law of Moses. And certainly, no human being would suggest a seven-day march around a city as the most effective form of invasion!


But exactly how, you may wonder, does God speak to us? Does He just shout down at us from heaven? Not usually! Romans 8 says the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit. That means that God’s directions come from inside, not outside, of you.

At times when you hear His guidance, you may even wonder, Was that me, Lord, or was that You? That’s because God doesn’t normally inject thoughts directly into your mind from the outside. Instead, He speaks to your spirit, and your spirit translates it into a thought. Tune in today to that inward witness, to that quiet knowing, that urging, prompting and leading arising within you.

If when you hear it, it sounds like you, don’t be surprised. It is you! It is your spirit being influenced by the Spirit of God! After you’re born again, your spirit is a safe guide because you are born of God’s Spirit. You have His nature. And the Holy Spirit lives in your spirit to teach you and to give you direction.


This is a word for us all as we march into a new decade, let’s tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit for direction, HE can not FAIL as HE give clear precise directions at all times! I pray the Lord opens our ears and heart to hear continuously from Him, Amen!

Happy New Year!

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