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Mar 23, 2018 | Personal Notes. 

Is it a struggle to find things in your life that you are proud of?
Sometimes it looks as though you’re not just worth it! You have a lot of friends but then no friends at all, your job is everything but nothing, fear of being alone makes you stay in that hurtful relationship. Loneliness tries to creep in, your soul is longing for a need to be met and you device a means to fill it up but then you sink back in empty! Whew!

It’s a total waste you say, it can only bring an immediate feeling of satisfaction and self worth but when it’s over you’re back to square one and many times it get worse than before. You’re sacred of what you don’t know exactly, you can’t just point it but you know there’s something hiding in there that you just don’t wanna let out, something you don’t want other people to know exists.

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Mar 09, 2018 || Personal Notes 

I used to be of the opinion that it’s better to hide your flaws than show it and also that others aren’t meant to see your weakness, oh well, it affected me so much because I became resentful and single-minded about everything and everyone. This was because I’ve been taken advantage of in the past when I opened up too much…



Feb 28, 2018 | A Refugee Story

 Mandi Corbett

Because of You, Refugees are Finding Strength in Faith

Your continued support of Iraqi refugees is doing more than saving lives—it is transforming this region of the world with the hope of eternity.

Nada and Marliene are two women whose lives have been forever impacted because you chose to reflect Christ’s love in the midst of this crisis. Recently, these women were able to share what the past two years have looked like through their eyes.

Marliene gazed down at the floor as she searched for words to describe what she experienced the day ISIS forced her from her home. Nada looked straight ahead and forced a smile. Even still, the words were hard to find.

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2016 Goals? Yay or Nay?!

January 18, 2017 | Personal Notes. 

The New Year came with all its excitements…. Everyone, most people were delighted to see the New Year mostly because they needed to forget the past and move ahead, they needed to set new goals, or set up new businesses or something that has to do with New! Basically, from it all I perceive Hope; whether from a good or bad experience everyone wants something to hope on! Those with old debts will claim that it’s a New Year so it should be forgotten 😕 really? 

I remember December 2015, I had just received a  great news, one that led to success and in between the joy I felt clueless! Like I’ve been looking forward to this news for three years now and it finally came but I was clueless. Strange but I couldn’t tell why. I asked could it be due to the long wait, hmm? 

So this didn’t even give me the strength to write any resolution or goals, majorly because I was frightened and filled with uncertainties. So when others put up their goals for 2016 I’d just turn the other cheek! 

Fast forward to December 2016; I’d so it’s been amazing! I didn’t strategically write down goals for 2016 but I sure did achieve a lot! I started writing my quotes and blogging again!

 Don’t get me wrong, writing down your goals is great but falling apart because you didn’t achieve them is what I don’t agree with! Truth is as I advanced into the year 2016, the goals started coming it! I’m someone who believes in planning, being spontaneous is like a disease for me, so when I say I was totally clueless, I was. And it hurt so much that I couldn’t even help myself plan for the New Year… 

Goals help us keep in shape, it’s like a checklist. So it’s okay if you didn’t achieve all your goals in 2016, I didn’t even have one! Well it’s a new season and you can pick up form where you stopped. You don’t have to necessarily dump the old goals and set new ones, chances are the events that occurred or led to you not achieving them might occur again. So you need to deal with that first and continue! 

There would be a lot of pressure, from concerned and non concerned friends or family; even from within you! It would seem as though “your mates” are far ahead but stop!  

And don’t let the pressure weigh you down. The most important thing is where ever you are or at whatever stage you find yourself, you’re making positive progress.

This year, I have a list of things I aim to achieve ( I’d be sharing my journey through them all). Even if it means my attempting each one to a certain stage before the year runs out, I’d be entirely grateful to God! My key this year is consistence and continuity, diligence and efficiency.

How did your 2016 go? Did you achieve your goals? Kindly share tips on how you did it! 


Just An 8 Year Old Boy

Everyday we meet people, we hardly know what’s going on until we strike a honest conversation and then we get to realize the stigma and addictions they’re trying to overcome. I for one have been there, locked up in self-pity and self-hatred, the stigma of not “being clean enough” or “being good enough”. How do we handle such cases?
One thing I’d say is God was faithful to me back then, and still is… We all go through daily battles but we come out more victorious. Be kind to others… Thanks Chi for this piece..


He was just an 8-year old boy

Learning the reason why we need to solve for X as a figure

When Y and Z were the letters that followed.

The XYZ of life was a subject he had been exposed to too young.

While his mates were chasing candies

He was busy shouldering burdens only adults should bear.

Originating from an unstable home

He had a mother figure

But looked up to the countless men

Far from what he wanted, he decided to pick one

Who screamed present

At the wake of the morning

Drenched in sweat from the previous night with his mother.

He was just an 8-year-old boy

Living in the suburbs of the city

In an environment where

Everyone had a father who was consistent with the same face at the cry of a crow.

Unsure of what it felt like to have someone to finally call…

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New Beginnings 2

Hey guys

So I’m wondering have you ever been promised a new gift, like a really precious gift, something you’ve long wanted and then it’s seems as though “the promiser” is taking tine to deliver it? Well that’s me right now.

This year started out for me as a year of New Beginnings, out of everything that has happened to me like a come back. So the promise of God came:
Rev 21:5  And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.


Isaiah 43:18 – 19
“Remember not the former things,
nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I am doing a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert”


So eager to see what it was I entered with all enthusiasm oh yeah who wouldn’t? But then I broke down two months after? Why? I’m human abi na?
Well I think I set unrealistic expectations and goals and thought oh this has got to be exactly how the new beginnings God promised me to be like but never for once did I consult “The Promiser” as to how the gift was gonna come in, what kinda gift etc… So I felt like I was gonna drift back into the old ways but then I realized that I’d come too far, too too far just to give up just at the dawn of times. I remember when the sun wants to entertain us in the morning it doesn’t come out all at once, nope! That would spoil the whole parade don’t you think? It takes it time to dance to the rhythm of the skies, flaunts it’s beautiful rays, gives us a shade of golden brown; then gradually turns into it’s champagne gold-like look before it finally brightens up our paths and then I realized its all a process that it’ll definitely come once it has been promised by “The Ultimate Promiser”.


Well sometimes it’s quite tempting to back down, to let loose of my guard, but then somehow the Holy Spirit reminds me and strengthens me. Oh well, the goodies have started flowing in, yup, I decided to start a Peace Challenge thanks to Ma’am Joyce Meyer and it’s been awesome, I’d share some insights later, stay tuned 😉.
Also Game of Thrones Season 6 happens to be around the corner, that’s some serious goody you know, can’t wait to find out what happened to Jon Snow and Arya Stark and my adorable small man 😀. Speaking of Jon Snow, sipping some red wine in the beautiful city of (where now, ermm dunno yet jor), with him around won’t be negotiable at all 😜


In all things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us…

Cheers guys…

Birthday Babe….

Yay!!! It’s my Born Day, yup the day I was brought into this world, and for me birth days are yearly reminders and check lists as to how the year has been, and a to-do-list as to how the New Year would look like. So here in the busy town of Port Harcourt, I’m pondering about the past, present and future and with my current situation believe me, thinking or making plans about the future is a NO NO!!! Speaking of which earlier today, I literally forgot it was my B-Day until the calls started rolling in, (first time ever 😢) and then it hit me, as to how the “important but not-so-important things” in life can blind us from seeing the “important and always-important things” in life. So I decided to switch into the thankful and grateful spirit and forget about whatsoever that was bothering me. Anyways, I’m so excited to see another year despite all the trials and challenges, wasn’t easy but I’m here. This is an evidence of God’s love and Grace in my life. I can’t begin to explain it all but subsequently, I’d be sharing my recovery process to empower someone out there.


A big shout out to my B-Day mate Chinaza Isamade (drama king); the first day I realized we share the same birth day I screamed, dunno why I did but I’m guessing it’s because of the way we connected the very first day we met, and his sense of humor just got me, Naza naza, my personal Chinaa, my smallie biggie, I celebrate you… This goes out to all May 18 babies, you’re loved!!!


My friends and family members; wow what can I say. You see God brings people your way whether you believe it or not, He sends angels in form of human beings to encourage you, empower you, be there for you, and these people are my friends and loved ones, thank you so much… I can’t start to say it all, but you know how much I value you, whether we’re in the same location or not there’s always this bond 😍😍😍 thanks for standing by me through it all..


My dear blog readers, choi 😉 extra love for una, you make writing seem like fun, you help take away the boredom and that’s something to be grateful for biko especially these days, with the way the economy is going, whew! 😅

My well wishers, thanks for the well wishes oooo 😁😁😁


To the Alpha and Omega, the Name above all names, You are great and everything written about You is great, follow me umu Jisos and give Glory to God on my behalf 😁😁😁

God bless you all, and always read my blog o, Ehen… Ngwa bye…