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Reaching out in love…


Mar 14, 2018 | SDG Goal.

The first world countries described as “Developed” often categorize third world countries as “Developing”,  however lack of material wealth does not really indicate that a country is deprived. Also a strong economy in a highly developed nation does not mean much especially when a significant percentage of the population is struggling to cross the poverty line and manage vulnerability.

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Mar 05, 2018 || Support Awareness

“Sometimes the size of a crisis alone can breed apathy. Large numbers tend to numb and paralyze rather than move people to action. In the midst of the refugee crisis, how can you see the individual? How can you help others do the same?”

As part of the World Help Volunteer and member, it’s a responsibility to write about the challenges people face and bring necessary help their way.

Today’s focus is about the bystander effect, learning to see the individual admist the situation and crowd.

Support others…..

As individuals how can we see the individual despite the situation. For instance a Pakistani who migrates from his home land to your country; what constariants limits you. Would you turn the other cheek? Would you help him, welcome her into your home without being judgemental…..

In a world where terrorism is taking a high toll, how can we empower individuals from terrorist nations, and how can we encourage others to do so.

Do share your thoughts.


Amara 💝


Feb 28, 2018 | A Refugee Story

 Mandi Corbett

Because of You, Refugees are Finding Strength in Faith

Your continued support of Iraqi refugees is doing more than saving lives—it is transforming this region of the world with the hope of eternity.

Nada and Marliene are two women whose lives have been forever impacted because you chose to reflect Christ’s love in the midst of this crisis. Recently, these women were able to share what the past two years have looked like through their eyes.

Marliene gazed down at the floor as she searched for words to describe what she experienced the day ISIS forced her from her home. Nada looked straight ahead and forced a smile. Even still, the words were hard to find.

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Feb 20, 2018 | A Call To Action

“LOVE is our true destiny. We do not find the true meaning of Life by ourselves alone….We find it with another”.

These words from Thomas Merton ring loudly in our ears this beautiful Valentine’s Day morning as we reflect on how love affects food security in Nigeria.



Turn Excuses Into Creative Thinking – Support 

Jul 20, 2017 | An Action Call.

What’s your excuse?

Rick Warren wrote:

Whether it was Sarah claiming she was too old to be used by God or Jeremiah claiming he was too young, God rejected their excuses. – “Don’t say that,” the Lord replied, “for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and take care of you.” (Jeremiah 1:7-8 NLT)

Maybe you’ve believed that you needed a special “call” from God, and you’ve been waiting for some supernatural feeling or experience, but God has already stated his call repeatedly. God doesn’t want to use just some of his people; he wants to use all of his people. We’re all called to be on mission for God. He wants his whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world. 

Can be a little challenging, yea? 

If you want to be like Jesus, you must care about what he cares about most and you must have a heart for the whole world! You can’t be satisfied with just your family and friends coming to Christ. There are over six billion people on earth, and Jesus wants all his lost children found. 
The Great Commission is your commission, and doing your part is the secret to living a life of significance. Jesus said, “Only those who throw away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will ever know what it means to really live!” (Mark 8:35 TLB)”

Are we ready to turn those excuses into reality? 

Let’s go! 



The Global Teacher Prize Award 


World Teachers’ Day October 5, a day set aside to honor individuals around the globe who have chosen the life-changing career of teaching. Thanks to NYSC I’m currently one of such!
This year’s theme was “Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status.” 

Each school day, teachers dedicate theirselves to bringing out the best in their students. They’re committed to this solemn duty knowing the future is somewhat really in their hands. Not just the future of each child but generations to come….. And the world. Some of these teachers have limited resources to impact the necessary knowledge but not withstanding, they press on and they’re committed knowing the future of each child is in their hands.
Now THAT’S more than an important job! 

Where would any of us be today without our teachers? Well some of us might have had not-so-good teachers but then in one way or the other they’ve impacted our lives. 
Do you remember a teacher who really changed your life? What did he or she teach you?

“Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge and skills. It’s also about building character and a community of citizens ready and able to build more prosperous nations, and a healthier world.” – Strive Masiyiwa

Quality education for children can change the world! And of course, it starts with great teachers.

Are you a teacher currently? Do you have what it takes? Do you believe in building up and changing lives? 
The real celebrities of our society are excellent teachers. And I believe everyone can play a part to making it a success, i.e. parents, relatives, the private sector, governments, the media etc can assist teachers into cultivating responsible children.

Schools should provide adequate resources for this teachers to use. In this jet age, computers and projectors can be introduced in the classroom to enhance the learning process. Government should ensure that accomodative buildings are available for students and provide incentives for teachers as a way of encouragement. Private sectors can invest in schools by awarding scholarships etc… 

I remember a parent saying that she’s going to report a teacher for not feeding her child i.e. like forcing the child to eat, this shouldn’t be so. Parents should join hands to train the children, the work isn’t for the teacher alone, supervise their home work and give them good upbringing. 

To all my teachers, mentors, I thank you! To Mrs. Akoji, you brought out the Business in me! Mrs. Umeh, the great mathematician, Mummy Iroegbulam thank you for being both a proprietress and mother; and my Mum I’d forever celebrate you. 
This week, and every day, let’s respect and appreciate all the teachers around the world, most of them are unsung heroes who daily inspire us to greatness.

I think we all have at least one memorable teacher that we can never forget. Have you ever tried to look for them and say thank you? Some of us probably haven’t… Why not use this as a wake up call to recognize those teachers, and share those memories them.

Happy Teachers Day 

​P.S. If you know a teacher that deserves to be honored do well to open this site and nominate such person



Because I Am A Girl 

October 11, 2016 | A Write-up. 

It’s our day! Yes, as a female, lady and woman-becoming I’m excited about this day which has been set aside to recognise our sex. 

“The theme for this year’s International Day of the Girl Child is “Girls Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl Data Movement”, is a call for action for increased investment in collecting and analyzing girl-focused, girl-relevant and sex-disaggregated data. One year into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, improving data on girls and addressing the issues that are holding them back is critical for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.” – UNWomen. For more click here

Growing up as a girl, I was always under cautious watch both from my family and the community. Don’t do this, don’t do that etc… I was privileged to attend good schools and associate with different classes of people. I think in Africa, really some of our parents hardly talked on sex education. Then our parents would shy away from the responsibility of telling us these things. You’d hear some mothers say “If you touch a boy, you’d get pregnant etc…” That’s issue no. 1,i think there should be adequate sensitization on these crucial issues.


 In general, I can say it helped to shape me for the future. I remember growing up and hearing about how wasteful it is to send girls to school as “there’s no need since they’ll finally end up in the kitchen”, oh well…. 

It’s high time people stop seeing girls as “properties to be acquired”. Every girl deserves equal right to education, job placement, adequate treatment, health care, love, protection and basic human needs. 

Recent talks have hammered on the need for gender equality and parity: talked about it here. I think enough has been said. Appreciate your girl child. She’s the future of the world! We should pause and reflect on the messages the Girl Child receives these days, we can also lend our efforts into seeing that the girl child becomes valuable tomorrow. 

Every day young girls are being mutilated, they’re being abused and raped. The rising series of domestic violence is alarming. It’s time to put an end to such practices and appreciate the female gender. 


Important positions that can be given to women in the society are being diverted simply because she’s a woman. This shouldn’t happen. 
Young girls are being shipped off to unknown places against their will for prostitution and slavery. This should end!!! 


Say NO to Child Abuse!!!

Say NO to Female Genital Mutilation!!! 

Say NO to Human Trafficking!!!

Say NO to Rape!!!

Say NO to Lack of Female Education!!! 

Say NO to Forceful marriages and Child Bride!!!

Say NO to Gender Inequality!!! 


This article is dedicated to all the young girls out there, in Africa or the Middle East, and around the world living below normal, those facing one form of challenge due to the inability to access necessary resources needed, those who have been abused and are silently dying inside, those whose culture have tied them down, those whose rights have been denial, those who one belief or the other has caged their minds, those who’re suffering and smiling, those working hard to make a difference but not appreciated, those who’ve been denied equal opportunity to showcase what they have, those who inspire others, those fighting for others…. I say you’re celebrated and you’re not alone. 

There are several girl-female groups, associations and NGOs that seek towards the improvement of every Girl Child. Locate one today. 

Usaid Canada

I celebrate every young girl, lady and woman. The world would never be a better place without us and that’s why God decided to bring us in the first place 😉

Happy International Day of the Girl Child. 

Keep being you… 

For those going through one form of challenge or the other, no matter how hard it seems,pray and talk to God; He is able, always listening. Also try to open up to trusted individuals. There are different known organizations that help. Also find relief groups too and share that burden… 

You can email us at

Amara Chukukere



She Leads Africa 


Africa Peace Summit 

 October 2, 2016 | A Write-up. 

As an individual who loves resolving conflicts, I believe peace is an essential neccesity for our daily living and with the level of violence, conflicts and terrorism in the world it’s evident that peace is needed; that’s why I’m excited about  The Africa Peace Summit; a partnership between World Peace Initiative Foundation and Kenyatta University Mentoring Program. They’re bringing it to our doorstep. This is the first ever Africa Peace Summit happening in Kenya, whose theme is “Nurturing A Culture Of Peace Within The Youth.” The aim is to provide a forum for youth in Africa to engage on identifying strategies for conflict resolution and peace-building.

Thus, the forum will help the youth in Africa to connect, learn, and discover practical tips in order to become mindful and efficient at personal and professional levels, enhance individual potential, talents and capabilities from varied dimensions, co-creating a culture of peace in Africa. 


I also want to introduce a young enterprising lady Wadi Ben-Hirki, who has an NGO that’s impacting the lives of the less privileged in Northern Nigeria. Her work has gained international recognition and she has been nominated for the Africa Peace Summit Awards.

Read about her work

To vote for her click here

How to vote

Browse to

1. Click on the image of Wadi (or the radio button next to their image). The background will highlight to orange and will stay orange to indicate your selection has been made.

2. Scroll down to the bottom right of the screen.

3. Click the vote button, then complete the security verification and then click vote again.

4. That’s it, your vote is now cast!

5. Please, help spread this message to others. Thank you. Please, let’s support Wadi.

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Website: Africa Peace Summit 

Twitter: Peace Rev Summit

Facebook:Peace Rev Summit


Empowering Girls in Emergency Settings Challenge Prize.

Announcement Africa!!!

Empowering Girls in Emergency Settings Challenge Prize – join the competition and win $100,000

All ideas welcome = Every Woman Every Child and Positive Action launch Empowering Girls in Emergency Settings (EmGEmS) Challenge Prize 

$100,000 grant will support implementation of ideas and programmes focused on SRH services for adolescent girls in emergency settings as key intervention to address HIV epidemic.


In partnership with Every Woman Every Child, Positive Action for Girls & Women is pleased to announce the launch of the Empowering Girls in Emergency Settings (EmGEmS) Challenge Prize to address the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs of adolescent girls in emergency settings… 

Read all about the challenge and how to participate here


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