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June 08, 2018 | A Poem.

 – Chukukere Amarachi 

I will wait….

Till it’s right, I will wait…

Though it tarries, I’d wait

I’ll wait for the love that’s right, not hurtful but peaceful…

For the love that doesn’t care about what others think…

For the love, who’s rhythm makes my inner soul dance even when a song isn’t playing,a love that brings melody to my spirit…

For the love that ignites my lights, even when it’s far away, the love so exciting and free..

I’ll wait…

For the love that melts my lips, that drives a sensation down my spine, that makes my bones burn…

For the love that’s always got me; us! Love uncompromising, a love so selfless…

For the love caught in the imperfect moments with the lights and sound blessing us with their presence, for the love full of pleasant surprises…

For the love that isn’t afraid to be expressed and felt, the love without no boundaries…

I’ll wait…

For when the time is right, a love pure and true, humble and forgiving, a love full of never-ending passion, intense and serene, wild and mild, a love full of adventures….

For the love that rises like the rays of the dawning sun, beautiful and fulfilling that shines like refined gold…

For the love that lives on the natural fibre of respect, a love that sparks up emotions in every room when we walk in…

For a love that makes us drive into the deepest part of the ocean, savoring the known unknown, as we crave for our inner souls to meet and dive into eternity leaving us wanting for more…

I’ll wait….

For the love that needs no introduction, that everyone looks forward to, that everyone has waited for so long; that your one, my love…

Most importantly, for the love that would build my faith and lead me closer to God, that would strengthen my faith and enable me fulfill my vision…

A love of no mediocre….

A love that breathes forever….

I will wait, for a love that’s two-sided, this and nothing less!



Mar 30, 2018 | A Hunger.

Today is a fresh start,

I will be calm,

I will not panic,

It’s gonna be okay; I guess,

…because this too shall pass.

When tomorrow comes,

I will breathe,

I will not be controlled by you,

The doubts and worries; i’ve been told,

…are just like dark mist that’ll fade away.

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My Child

May 27, 2017 | A Poem 

My child

I didn’t know,

I’ve never really known,

What it feels like to truly love,

Until I met you.

My child

On your first motion,

My loins leaped for joy,

The wonders of a being in me,

An experience too great to explain.

My child,

On your first earth day,
With closed eyes,
I felt your gaze,

So innocent and true.

My child,

On your first look,

Our hearts intertwined,

Souls connected,

One without network failure.

My child,

On your first crawl,

The feelings in your eyes,

You showed pain,

but still you crawled.

My child,

When you cry,

My heart melts,

My bosom wonders,

Weep not, child.

My child,

The sound of your laughter,

Brings a million dollars,

Nations embrace peace,

And the innocent gain freedom.

My child,

Your smile,

Oh, when you smile,

Nations merry,

Souls are lifted.

Beautiful gifts 😍

My child,

On your first walk,

You conquered our fears,

And in your excitement,

I realized consistency is a gateway for success.

My child,

On your epic fall,

I felt pain;  you felt pain,

But in your tears,

I saw strength.

My child,

Before you I never existed,

I was just but a woman,

A wife, a friend, a colleague,

After you I’m more.

My child,

Loving you is divine,

My womb’s fruit,

I cherish you.
My child,

Like fresh green in spring,

Like the early rays of sunlight,

Like water to a dry tongue,

Like sweet music to the soul,

Like soothing words to a wounded heart,
Like fine wine in a new bottle,

Like sanity to the oppressed,

Like peace to a troubled mind,

You are God’s gift to me.


Happy Children’s Day

Play day! Yay!

I pray for all the children in the world, that the light of their understanding be opened. They will shine as light, will grow in wisdom, grace and beauty of the Lord.

For our mothers, and fathers thank you for not giving up on us. For taking the responsibility of leading us into being who we are in Christ.

 Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”

Is there a child you’d rather not have, whom you feel has brought disgrace, worry and stress upon your home. Keep praying, keep believing, keep hoping, keep meditating and confessing God’s promises upon that child. Don’t stop encouraging that child no matter the age! I’m hopeful the Lord will give a change of heart and it would be for a testimony!

 James 5: 16b “….the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


Amara 💝


May 2, 2017 | A Poem

My friends😍 ~ @damilolaonafuwa

You are great, you are grand

A valuable treasure that the world acknowledges….
You are strong, you are powerful

made to bear nations and countless generations…

despite the obstacles and challenges, you hold on, knowing fully well you’ll receive the glory in the long run…

Even when you’re weak, you still find strength to move on…

No wonder you’re specially made from Adam’s bones…

You are beautiful, you are lovely

Yes! Not just the shape of your hip bone, or face, nor the texture of skin, but it lies within you, in the tenderness of your heart, warmth of your smile, sincerity of your tears,  sound of your laughter: its in your mind and being, others are just a mere icing on the cake that will soon fade away with each waking year of breath you take…


You are amiable, you are gracious

Your heart glows like a sunflower at the slightest ray of sunlight,

you love and longed to be loved, though you get hurt by the thorns of betrayal, you’re still a prisoner of hope….

You are smart, you are intelligent

your mind is busy like a ticking clock, your senses always active…

seeking solutions, solving problems and giving answers like a FBI agent

You are divine, you are godly

specially designed by God only…

a priestess, a queen to reign abundantly…

You are gifted, you are unique

possessing awesome qualities the world is still yet to understand…

always aiming to succeed, to mentor, to teach…
Embrace your uniqueness, your strength, your personality, your beauty and power…..

Comparison and vain competition will only lead to destruction…. 

Happy international Women’s Day 


With love, 

Amara 💝