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A Reblog; Originally posted by Cristian Mihai

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” ― Steve Jobs

People like to think of success as a singular event. It’s not.

It’s a multitude of steps.

You write novels one word at a time.

You paint one stroke of color at a time.

You run a hundred miles one step at a time. One mile at a time.

One day at a time. Thousands and thousands of days. Tens of thousands of hours…

One struggle after another.

Success takes a lot of time, and patience, and effort.

Small efforts done over long periods of time.

We take the highlights reel as the absolute truth. We forget about what goes on behind the scenes.

The boring parts. The ones that no one claps for. The ones that are so easy to postpone; over and over again.

You know: the posts no one reads (or comments on), the stories that don’t make it, the paintings and drawings no one ever sees.

That’s what it takes to become great.

A lot of little steps.

As they say: little by little, and soon a little becomes a lot.



A Reblog originally posted by Cristian Mihai

After you figure out who it is you want to reach with your blog, it’s time to figure out how to deliver valuable and unique content.

What’s the angle that will capture attention and attract regular readers who eventually become loyal fans?

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A Book Review

“Every  man  has  become  great, every  successful  man  has  succeeded, in  proportion  as  he  has  confined his  powers  to  one  particular  channel.” ORISON  SWETT  MARDEN 

I have been reading lately and as one of my 2018 goals I must say I’ve tried to achieve a certain mark with this goal.

Today I’ll be sharing an excerpt from this book by Brain Tracy, Enjoy!

THE  MARK  OF  the  superior  thinker  is  his  or  her  ability  to  accurately  predict  the consequences  of  doing  or  not  doing  something.  The  potential  consequences  of  any task  or  activity  are  the  key  determinants  of  how  important  it  really  is  to  you  and  to your  company.  This  way  of  evaluating  the  significance  of  a  task  is  how  you determine  what  your  next  frog  really  is.



I am a lover of reaching out and giving out. When I first heard about Africa Mercy – I was overly delighted. I couldn’t bring my human understanding to phantom how a group of individuals would leave their comfort zone and travel far and wide to give out help selflessly!

I got to read about their founders and was even more inspired. Having a child with autism didn’t limit The Stephens instead they are using their pain to cause a change for others…. I honestly wish they can come to Nigeria, it would be such a delight to work with them!




By Christian Mihai


It’s probably no big secret that I am a firm believer in personal development. That’s one way to explain it, I guess. It means that I listen to motivational speeches while I work, read everything from popular self-help books to psychology and NLP, and tried all sorts of stuff to get to be more focused, more energetic, and motivated to achieve my goals.

That being said, this list of twelve rules is something that I just have to share with you.

1. It is our attitude in the beginning of a task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.

Attitude is everything. A bit of self-awareness helps one to recognize the moments in which their attitude did not match the desired outcome.

Way I see it, you can either adopt a positive attitude (you will get what you want, you will accomplish a certain task, you will reach your goal) or a negative one (you will fail, all you think about is your fear of failing and the negative consequences of that).



Mar 19, 2018 || The ABC Of Innovation

by Chinedu Opara

How can you lead innovations?

Leading Innovation = Creativity + Commercialization

“..if we want to succeed as an organization – we must drive innovation into everything we do” Chairman Bill Ford’s speech, NATIONAL PRESS CLUB WASHINGTON, DC November 22, 2005.




Everyone wants to associate with success, in fact it would be right to say everyone lives to succeed in life.

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.”This quote by Ray Goforth speaks a lot about your perspective towards success.

Why are we always sacred to try?

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What happened in Harvard? 

June 7, 2017 | Awards. Speeches. Successand Life.

Hi guys.

Ok, I’m sure by now we know what transpired weeks back at Harvard (my dream Uni 😁). It was their 366th Commencement Day held in tercentenary theatre on the 25th of May, amidst the rain and gloomy weather which had notable dignitaries in attendance amongst which were; Joe Biden, former US vice president; who spoke at the Class Day (this is a less formal prelude to commencement exercises), Sally Yates, former US acting Attorney General; who spoke at the Harvard Law School’s Class Day and a host of honorees. Students were rewarded, parents were definitely proud and alumni bonded again.

The facebook founder and CEO, philanthropist and co-founder; Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI); Mark Zuckerberg, (who received a honorary award) was the principal speaker for the day and his speech has been all over the internet with applauds and definitely, critical reviews.



























































“It’s not enough to have purpose, create a sense of purpose for others” – Mark Zuckerberg


I went online to watch how it went down, and I must say impressive! I had goosebumps watching every detail, It was indeed a memorable one with great speeches; or so I thought, until I went down to the comments sections. Damn! It was super discouraging. Here I was feeling all fueled up by Mark’s speech and someone; people didn’t seem to wear my shoes on this one. Shades were thrown at like one of those GOT war seasons, lol. (P. S. You need to see the trailer of GOT Season 7 🙌😎). Different reasons emerged: from him lacking in the knowledge of economics, to him being sarcastic; oh well how much do we know from here.

Well, no matter how good you are, or what good you’re trying to portray, there would always be someone who doesn’t agree with you for that! Finally, just learn to deal with it, but hey, establish a ground where your good is far greater than your not-so-good. On the other hand, conservative criticism is healthy, especially who its coming from and what it’s addressed to.

Nevertheless, here are some quotes and great nuggets for success that went down in history at Harvard:

Rev. Walton 
“We need you to use your moral imaginations to draft cultural alternatives so that we can have a brighter future for those who come behind us”. 

He said this calling on them to imagine a world free of hate and hunger, prejudice and despair, inequality and inaction.

Sally Yates 

“Over the course of your life and your career, you too will face weighty decisions where the law and conscience intertwine, and while it may not play out in such a public way, the conflict that you’ll feel will be no less real, and the consequences of your decision also significant.”

“You have to decide what you believe is worth fighting for.”

“We are all better than our worst moments but sometimes we’re not quite as good as we think we are, either. As bright, talented, and driven as all of you are right now, you need to give yourself the space to develop into great lawyers.”

“The safest course is not always the best course.”

“Being bold, taking a risk and owning it, isn’t easy to do, and the instinct for self-preservation may continually draw you to the safe, risk-free course, but I urge you to resist that instinct. Not only is a life of hedging your bets unsatisfying, but it means you’re unlikely to make much of a difference.” 

Joe Biden

“Don’t fool yourself into thinking that disengaging from the system that you think is broken will hold you harmless from the system’s failures.”

“In fulfilling potential and destiny, it’s absolutely essential for you to engage in the world around you, engage just like you did in campus.”

“You must maintain that determination and commitment to making things better.”

Former vice president, USA, Joe Biden

“Do not succumb to pressures that value ‘the social trappings of success rather than really making a difference’, but choose what’s best and most important to you rather than craving to other people’s perceptions.” 

Mark Zuckerberg 
“It’s not enough to have purpose, create a sense of purpose for others”. 

“Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them”. 

“We often don’t do the bug things because we’re so afraid of making mistakes”.

“Create achievements that gives everyone in our society a role”. 

“We need to have a sense if purpose and stability in our own lives before we can open up and start caring for everyone”. 

Hawa Abdi Dhiblawa; a great woman.

Outside Zuckerberg, these are the distinguished individuals Harvard honored with awards.

Norman R. Augustine, Doctor of Laws. 

He is the former chairman and CEO Lockheed Martin Corp.

Dame Judi Dench, Doctor of Arts. 

She is a celebrated actress who has outstanding performances in both classical and contemporary roles. I remember her for her role in James Bond films.

Dame Judi Dench; boss woman.

Huda Y. Zoghbi, Doctor of Science. 

A professor in the departments of pediatrics, molecular and human genetics, neurology and neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine. She is also an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the founding director of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Sandra M. Gilbert, Doctor of Laws. 

She is a leading feminist literary critic, author and distinguished professor emerita of English at the University of California, Davis.

Hawa Abdi Dhiblawa, Doctor of Laws. 

She is a Somali human rights activist physician and the country’s first female gynecologist.

James Earl Jones, Doctor of Arts. 

He is an acclaimed actor.

John Williams, Doctor of Music.

He is one of America’s most accomplished and successful composers for film and the concert stage.

Walter E.. Massey, Doctor of Laws. 

Chancellor and former president of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Walter E. Massey

Michael Rabin, Doctor of Science. He is the Thomas J. Watson Sr. research professor of Computer Science at Harvard University, helping to shape the field of theoretical computer science and actively contributes to major problems of encryption, privacy and internet security.

So what really went down in Harvard? Success stories, achievements, glory, merriment, a huge relief 😂 etcetera etcetera…. In all, as I look at the honorees and graduants, all I can see is the sweetness of success and reward for diligence, despite the demanding and sacrificial process. I’m sure if we ask these individuals, one by one, how they were able to come to this point, we hear the different situations and circumstances they each had to face, challenges defeated and determined spirits to succeed.

I’ve realized the importance of goal setting, it helps one stay focused. Accomplishments won’t come in a flash! They happen when we work towards our goals, no matter how little. I believe that consistent diligent little steps will definitely turn into big results.

See you at the top!

Amara 💝

Huda Y. Zoghbi

ReferenceHarvard gazette 

Images: Harvard photography.