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I did something I shouldn’t have done. I couldn’t pray freely, and I’ve felt gloomy all day. God isn’t quite someone you can shrug off, or utterly dismiss, so I couldn’t make myself dismiss how awful and guilty I felt. I’ve read that remorse is one thing, repentance is another. Repentance is what’s required by God. Remorse is just feeling sorry about an act but not convicted enough to never do that thing again. I had repented of this act one too many times, and wasn’t sure now which was remorse and which was true repentance. This added to my guilt. I did my quiet time this morning, confessed my sin but still couldn’t pray confidently. I felt God was somewhere ‘yimu’ing’ at me and saying:  “Na so, weren’t you sorry only a few days ago”?

Let me tell you. It doesn’t quite matter that you know the devil’s specialty…

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