Faith Does Not Shift Grounds

Reading this gives me Joy, because this is a phase I’m on, and one many of us would pass through or are even passing through!
It’s important to encourage one another and grow in the Faith. There should be no competing only co-operation, there’s no envy only empowerment, helping each other grow in Faith, sharpening one another.
I’m blessed, nomsky!

Prima Donnaz

The last 7 weeks has been eventful for me. I started off June resigning at a job I only fully resumed in the month of February. I didn’t resign because I had a better option or had a business to fall back on. I simply followed the leading of my heart knowing that what I decide to let go determines what I’m prepared to let into my life. Initially, I was plagued by fears, how was I going to sort out my bills, fund projects or simply survive? But God!!! Before that month ran out, I received some thousands over what I would have made were I on my job. Hey! I am not campaigning for idleness, the covenant I belong to abhors it, but if I’ve learnt anything from that experience, it is that God is my Source. My Job is not. This revelation in itself is life transforming.

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