The platform held on the 1st of May and trust me it was mind blowing. Different speakers from The Vice President of Nigeria. Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, Leke Alder, Presidential Aspirant and Nation Builder, Fela Durutoye, Sola Salako Ajulo, Prince Donatus Okonkwo among others.

As a good girl that i am, i decide to write down some words for everyone to read.


Our greatest problem in Nigeria isn’t the Leadership but the apathy of the followers. Stop waiting for a messiah. There is no Messianic political party or personality that will save Nigeria. Your civic duty does not stop after you collect your PVC. It starts after you vote.

Our political leaders are the way they are because we the people – the followers are the way we are.
#We need to engage and get involved. We should stop waiting for one man or woman that would become the president and wage a magical wand & the nation would become better. Nigerian youths wake Up!

Stay the course. For Nigeria to win, the citizens must get involved in politics. We must engage.

For citizen engagement to succeed, people need to engage & organize for intellectual engagement. The Nigerian youth must leave the social media. Young people should come together and show seriousness. We are where we are because citizens don’t read the constitution. The Constitution is our covenant. In America, children are taught the nations constitution from kindergarten. We must do same in Nigeria.
Sola Salako-Ajulo – A human rights activist and the President/Founder of Consumer Advocacy Foundation.


For more read here



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